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SQ is giving me such an emotional rollercoaster.


isn’t it better to keep short term plays in IRA, where you might generate more taxable events if you buy/sell?


I think you are right, but I have no desire to day trade. I like to keep things simple… :slight_smile:


IF you are here to hold anyway, you are probably betting it on being your biggest gain. it’s fair.


What happen if you keep losing? Can’t inject money to take advantage of temporary irrationality. I own only AAPLs… buy n hold (hopefully forever) in IRA… no trade. Lastly, hardly any $ in there anyway.




I always support my claim :triumph:

Also loser OHI :blush:


you also started asking this? lol.


No evidence is empty talk. You can say anything you want in this country. So talk is free and worthless.


Wait… not this account… :rofl:


We’re talking about IRA. The other one, no problem, refer to below:

Remember I’m an engineer not a liberal arts or business major :rofl:

Business major likes to 空口说白话 :wink:


What about the number of shares…


Kudos…It is nice to see such as Appreciation. IMO, you beat WB 20 years before !!


Apple: 836.9B (-7.4%)
Amazon: 724.0 (-4.8%)
Google: 709.9 (-10.1%)
Microsoft: 671.3 (-7.8%)
Tencent: 477.8 (-15.2% !!)
Berkshire: 474.4 (-7.1%)
Alibaba: 465.6 (-9.5%)
Facebook: 463.0 (-13.9% !!)

Everybody suffered major loss. But Amazon held up the best and lost the least. It has now surpassed Google and took the Number 2 spot.

The worst performer is actually Tencent, not Facebook. Facebook sank all the way to the bottom. Old man WB rose two spots by being less terrible.

:scream: :scream: :scream:


Isn’t that sad…


What’s the total in $ Billions the stock market has lost so far in this month?



Apple: 851.3B (+1.7%)
Google: 718.6 (+1.2%)
Microsoft: 702.8 (+4.7%)
Amazon: 700.7 (-3.2%)
Tencent: 520.2 (+8.9% !)
Berkshire: 491.3 (+3.6%)
Alibaba: 471.6 (+1.3%)
Facebook: 464.2 (+0.3%)

All except Amazon had a positive week. Amazon dropped 3.2% from 2nd place to 4th. Tencent roared back, increasing 8.9% for the week. Facebook stopped its bloodletting, inching up 0.3%.

There is now a 180B gap between the first tier - Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and the rest. Tencent, Alibaba and Facebook are great values at current level.


Disclosure please :zipper_mouth_face: You own tons of FB and Tencent, and none of the other 4 right?


I have Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba and Facebook.


Apple: 854.4B (+0.4%)
Google: 701.5 (-2.4%)
Microsoft: 694.8 (-1.1%)
Amazon: 680.3 (-2.9%)
Berkshire: 483.6 (-1.6%)
Facebook: 456.7 (-1.6%)
Tencent: 465.4 (-10.5% !!)
Alibaba: 430.4 (-8.7% !)

Everybody fell except Apple. :rage:

The Chinese duo fell like a rock. Tencent down 10% and Alibaba down 9%. They are now dead last of the pack.

Amazon continued to slide because of Trump’s attack. Facebook still couldn’t catch a break.