Meme & Momentum stocks

I added a bit of XBI and LABU. Probably will add some option calls if there’s a down day. Forgot that I added CCO earlier today but will add more later. Also made a decent size option call bet on TLT yesterday…looks like it might be breaking out. This has a lot of implications though on crypto, growth stocks, etc. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


You are a master of timing :sunglasses:
Time to buy CLOV again?

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Hah, no. I lost in $WISH. Held onto it thinking it will pop back up but doesn’t look like it now so I took a loss and sold. For others, I’ve been scaling out, including $CLOV, for multiple days now. If I was the master of timing, today’s morning was the day to sell for maximum profit. Either way, it was a great 7-10 days for me. Had several options with 10x returns and many equities 2-3x.

Meme stocks are still happening but it’s moving much faster and on intraday. No energy and I’m not going to push my luck. :tired_face: I’m going to rest and wait for fireworks tomorrow with CPI numbers, then see where things are. :man_shrugging:


Meme stocks are a joke. Could spell the end of the stock market. Just like crypto could create worldwide economic collapse. El Salvador is a failed narco state and embraced Bitcoin.

Hah! I agree with you! Bitcoin, I don’t think current form is the way. There will be a digital/crypto currency, but has to be something better. Of course meme stocks are a joke but might as well make some easy money while at it. I can’t let the HFs take all the money.

Either way, I’m just a little fish in the ocean trying to make some $$$, that’s all. :man_shrugging: :moneybag:


Dipped back into some meme stocks. Could be a bull flag or could be a short pop. Bought CLOV, AHT, IVR, CCO,NNDM. Small positions for now.

I did go heavily into CELH yesterday and today. Maybe a further downside but worth the risk imo.

Bought a medium size position in DISCA and likely build more on a pullback. High short float and not a failing business. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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How about WISH?

:man_shrugging: I’m staying away from it for now.

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this isn’t a meme stock, but I was bored in a meeting and felt like gambling but bought a few Lordstown Motors in light of the news. Ticker RIDE

pls be careful. It has some fraud allegations. Interns were made to work as engineers etc.

Yes, I know.

its a small amount of $$, and b) my thesis is that they’ve engaged Alix Partners, which will restructure them to be bought out. And the price will go up in anticipation of a sale. then I will exit.

if I am wrong, its a small amount of $$.

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I bought some $WISH today. Just a small starter position. I increased the position in IVR though, got rid of few other small positions. Staying low key for now since index seems to be topping.


Increased WISH position by quite a bit on the dip/recovery. Let’s see if they can push this up by end of the week. :grimacing: I won’t hold long.

Look at WISH and BBIG go…and RSLS, another position added last week. Maybe WISH has that “it” factor like GME. Could move much higher. :man_shrugging:

I had 200 shares and now at $350 profit!

Nice! I have way too many to feel safe but now that it’s running, all good. :grimacing: I also bought a chunk of ADIL, this could squeeze hard again tomorrow and it’s already up 38%+ after hours. Meme, squeezers, speculative stocks are back in force. :man_shrugging: :moneybag:


Bet big or go home. You can’t be that poor!

Bet small and build up the stack would be my recommendation. When the stack gets large, that’s when I throw money around. I keep 2 trading accounts. One of them is the large main trading account and other is my “yolo” account. I bet big on “yolo” account but only with profit.


Meme stocks are in full force. Today was DBGI for me. I think it can still squeeze higher but I took my partial profit. I still hold WISH, RSLS, etc for a squeezer higher. :crossed_fingers: :man_shrugging: