Meme & Momentum stocks

Conversation about extremely high risk / high reward meme and momentum stocks

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CLOV just passed through $12 like a it’s flowing through water after hours. I should’ve known better to write covered calls. Should have done it tomorrow morning. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: If it can fill the gap at 14/15, that will be perfect. After that, who knows. :man_shrugging: Still holding full position for me.

I’ve been buying BBIG, RKT and PDSB (on today’s dip) today. All very high risk plays. Not a recommendation to buy anything, just playing the game as I see the market for now with social media sentiments. Everything will crash down as always on these stocks. Timing the selling is the toughest part imo. :man_shrugging:

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$CLOV up 40% premarket…:flushed: looks like it will shoot right through the previous high…taking some profit when market opens anyway!

$PDSB up 20% premarket and $BBIG up 15% premarket.

There’s now a high chance CLOV can run beyond what AMC did because apparently shorts loaded even more yesterday per social media.


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Why Wendy’s?

:man_shrugging: but $CLOV is at 80% gain today now.

Too late to buy CLOV calls?

Way too late. Better to look for next short squeezer. I sold half my positions. Keeping rest run since my options had over 1000% gains and equity more than doubled. I’ll let rest run a bit more in case it does impossible…$100


Social media beats any form of fundamental and technical analysis, and even the big boys who supposedly have tons of money and plan. Stock market mechanics is changed forever?

A new category of analysis, social media analysis :slight_smile:


Haha. Well, it’s definitely a herd mentality. It’s really HFs against HFs. Retail social media identifies or maybe even boosted by HF agents and uses social media as a tool to enable the herd. Retail traders, if we can get lucky enough, can join the ride. :chart_with_upwards_trend: and :chart_with_downwards_trend:


Fundamentals never change. At the end of the day, it is still about the yields or returns : E/P (earning/price).

Is not charting sum total of all other non-fundamental analysis, including sentiments?

Fundamentals change every second :slight_smile:
Technicals are perception of change in fundamentals.

Fundamentals do change, but isn’t it preposterous to say that earnings do not matter. It is like saying rents do not matter in bay area real estate.

This is a good thread. How to find meme stocks before they go viral?

Just social media stuff but sometimes they don’t move at all or even goes down further. Many folks just look for high short interest, beaten down and in consolidation for a while to start loading up. Almost all of them looks like this now.

Btw, I sold half of half I had left in $CLOV. Holding just 25%. Increased position in RKT, GOTU and BBIG.

AHT, if it breaks $6, it could run too. I had this for a while so risk profile low for me.

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Couple of folks to follow. Just remember that whatever they recommend, extremely volatile, fast and they might have already made its move. Basically, watch out for pump and dump scheme. You can lose $ fast if you’re not careful.



The key to your understanding is financial results are snapshots :slight_smile:

AHT broke through $6 cleanly after hours. Maybe it does $CLOV kinda thing tomorrow but I don’t see as much horsepower on this one compare to others. Haha. Cramer mentioned it.

$RKT and $BBIG all rallying too.

Wow! Look at $WISH go. Lost track of it earlier today shuttling kids but bought just a bit after hours to track.

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I got rid of almost all CLOV in the morning during the pop. Just holding a bit of options just in case.

Biotech seems to be running hot. Seasonal strength apparently.

Update: reduced most of the positions by 80% and taking the profit before it does consolidation or goes down. :man_shrugging:


I have lots of them. Still very red since I bot long ago and didn’t sell nor add.