Millbrae Rocking The Overbids!

Wow, this beauty that Uncle Manch wouldn’t lend me a red cent to buy goes for nearly a half million over asking!!!

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I can give you $8.88 no problem.

How about +$600K over asking!!!

It appears the market is still hot. But to be fair, that house was absurdly under priced.

Damn. Can it cool a little for us regular joe and Jane just once?

The key areas of San Bruno and Millbrae are flaming hot now. People like me, stalwart Sunsetians, are moving a tad South for a little more sun, yard and more garage.

Damn! You fog people should stay north man! Don’t ruin it for the rest of us… :cry:

You’ve said that you are buying in this area for a while now. Have you bought a home yet? Prices climbing fast… More money wasted if you don’t act sooner.

He already bought his house two weekends ago…

Really??? Congrats! Where at?

I’ll let him respond to you. Don’t want to become his spokesperson :sweat:

Seems like I missed a thread or something… So hard to keep track with all the posts flying all over the place… :weary:

Check out his favorite thread to hang out, aka the San Tung thread…

So he bought in San Bruno?

To be frank, I would not have done an exchange. I would just buy it outright and keep the Oakland rental. I suggested this to him to no avail… but anyhow, congrats :wink:

The guy wants to enjoy life with his wife and not wastes his time managing the 4-plex I guess. He has enough money to spend for the rest of his life already so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Yes true, but that’s what property managers are for…

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I know maybe he can hire me. Tired of the corporate rat race :woman_facepalming:

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Don’t work for people getting $5 haircuts. :smile:


I have nothing against people getting $5 haircuts. My dad is one of them…lol. He probably goes to the same salon.

I don’t think such bosses are good with raises…