Millbrae Rocking The Overbids!


Hey! I found a Great Clips coupon in the mail today for $8.99! I will use that to my advantage. Since it’s so discounted, I’ll definitely ask for shampooing as well… and maybe go get a foot massage afterwards… :rofl:


The only caveat is he better takes his property managers out to lunch at DB :smile:


Yes, @wuqijun I am in contract on a private sale in San Bruno. It is contingent on Oakland exchange and housing inspection though. Seller already bought and was nice enough to cooperate with me and hopefully everything works out.

Ok, the beauty of the $5 haircut is not to get the cheapest haircut but to get essentially a good, fine haircut for the utmost lowest price out there. Same service/goods for the cheapest price. That, is the beauty of it.

One day, even you @wuqijun, will get it: you can’t take all of those lovely dollars with you. I have reached that point in my life where I want to do more fun stuff for me and no one else. Most of my friends from Lowell are thinking the same exact thing. Either they have already retired at an early age or are literally counting down the days as my one good friend is doing. Everyone has wised up that working until you die at your desk is actually stupid. If you have kids, that may motivate you to still grind at it but let’s not overdo it too and just give them things. You aren’t setting them up for success but failure. I would rather if you parents or parents to be taught them the skillz that got you where you are today. You want your kids to be better than you, if that is at all possible.


But ain’t 50 the new 35?


For me, 40 is the new 18… :rofl:


I highly suspect you are smoking something while on the forum… it’s legal now. Come out and own it.


Hey @wuqijun, go find a nice woman and get married. Being alone in life is not the way to go.


Aren’t you the matchmaker? Give me some leads… :wink:


I don’t sense that you really want it though. I can only imagine that someone in your position would have many folks wanting to set you up with someone so not sure what the issue is. I mean, I met my wife through some friends I met when we toured China together. It is all about networking again.


So plan is rent the house out for 2 years and then take it back? Will you be retired by then?


Also how close is your new house to @dioworld’s?


Yes, rent out for two and move in and live for awhile to see if we like semi suburbia. If we know immediately that we want to stay, Sunset home goes on sale to take 500K cap gains exclusion. If that happens, I probably let wife retire first and maybe we then do the same thing with the Fremont home (move in and sell) or simply take the money to renovate our Chinatown family building. I have to believe say 2M before even pensions/401K/SS kick in should be more than enough money for us to live on.


I don’t know exactly where @dioworld lives. I bought between Skyline and 280.


How much does your wife spend on haircuts? If hers is like $400 I am not sure $2M will do it…


My goodness…and I thought my $160 haircut is already too much…


That sounds about right. My understanding is her perms are over 200 bucks and that is maybe once or twice a year(?). A nice do on a female can really make a difference though…


I will be honest, i think @wuqijun is a catch - he’s very soft mannered (for the lack of a better word), smart, kind, and financially stable.


Based on his behavior on this forum I think his problem is he sees women as leeches and is a firm believer of prenups. That just scares away the ladies (even the good ones) and doesn’t work.


For me, 60 is the new 16.
六十 Is 十六😀


Maybe the mind of a 16… All it takes is to play a basketball game at your local recreational center for the truth about how old the body is…