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that means millenials are not house owners.

They’ll complain and vote socialism for free housing/free medical/free everything on other people’s expense.

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There are bad apples in every generation. Credit cards weren’t common back in the day and goods weren’t easily accessible. If they were, same thing might have happened with Gen X.

I hate it when we all go out on a company non hosted lunch and the millennials mostly break out their credit cards. Come on, you don’t have a freaking 20 bucks in your pocket???

No worries. All will get fat inheritance from parents.

I don’t. It’s intentional. I am happy to be cashless.

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except the immigrants!

We’re the unfortunate ones…

I hate it too. Apparently I am from another planet.

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Why not? I always get 2% cashback when I break out mine… :rofl:

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I never carry money anywhere, except once a month when I go to the casino. Then you don’t have to deal with change you don’t want. Besides, you get cash back from credit cards. Servers would rather have their tips in cash though, to hide it from to IRS.

That echoes my experience, even though we paid his college tuition and he graduated college debt free.


I use credit cards only for the rewards, but I find it pathetic to not even have at least $20 on you at any time.

Having cash is pathetic. We need to move toward a cashless society. My wallet was stolen the other day. Thief used my credit cards to pay for $$$. I was able to write off those with the credit card companies but couldn’t get back the cash being stolen.


I despise the old folks counting pennies in front of me in supermarket counters jamming up the whole line. Cmon. Apple Pay!


This’s terrible. That is why parents should not pay for their kids’ college tuition; most of them don’t appreciate the gift and take it for granted. If I ever have a kid I will not pay for his/her tuition. Work hard for yourself.

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If you get robbed with a knife on your neck and the robber finds out you are cashless, let’s see what he/she would do.

i don’t have self control. i often used CC and i forgot how much i used.
so for daily stuff weekend grocery, i mainly use cash. just trying to limit my expense. you know i’m not rich like you guys.
But when i’m in HK, i don’t have to pay for my expense, then i use wechat pay/alipay more

Good… you should carry some cash with you in case a rapist wants to rape you and maybe you can bribe your way out of that. But most likely he will take your money in addition to the rape.