Millennials, Come On Down!

Wow, what a mess!

that he didn’t know how “everything went so left.” (The Left is of course insulted by this remark.)

Let’s just say you never let inexperienced people (millennial or not) throw parties. You probably think I am pretty straight-laced but let’s just say I have a past history of throwing crazy wild bachelor parties. Yes, you may not think I would do such a thing, but I do know a lot of people. Once we had a house party for 3 grooms where a future Playboy centerfold came and “chatted with us on the merits of house flipping”. My wife learned of my reputation through my sisters and that meant that even I could not have my very own bachelor party. Sad… I was hoping to be the first groom to throw his very own bachelor party. Oh well…

but it will take you an ironic lucky 28 years to save to buy a house in the Fab 7x7!!!

I thought the clock should be ticking from birth instead, then 28 years sound about right.


Mortgage lender woos millennials with one-month’s supply of free avocado toast


I bought my first house at 28!!!

See, you were destined to be successful. Good thing you didn’t start at 24…

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I bought my first house at 22…Maybe there are a few millienials that get it…But most need parental support and prodding to get on the real estate gravy train…

I believe I was around 25-26 when I first bought a run-down duplex, fixed it up, and flipped up to my 4 unit. I had intended to go to grad school but the burden of the RE stopped me. I occasionally regret it, but hey life moves on. I don’t have any complaints…

That means you valued money over knowledge and education :slight_smile:

I never regretted not going to grad school…I had such a jump financially by not spending 2-4 years with no income, on my friends who went to school and delayed joining the real world…None of them ever caught up including my sister who is a lawyer and married a lawyer…Investing at a young age is a life changing event…Few do it and even fewer do it well and become financially successful…Real estate investing is hard work and at a young age sweat equity is key…Buying value add properties is the secret to wealth accumulation. …


As far as knowledge I learned more working on my first house than at UC Berkeley Civil Engineering department. .In fact I think every structural engineer should be required to be carpenter for a year before being qualified for the state license…

Ah hem, look like I’m a late bloomer, got my first house at age 32.
On and off trading small, didn’t lose but also didn’t make much till buy n hold AAPL in 1997.
Seriously investing in rental in 2013, all other houses bought before that are for children to stay later.
Gave up doing PhD since it would damage my head permanently, instead go for mastering the art of bullshitting.
Thought of starting a business and realize I’m just too lazy so decided to invest in the genius known as Steve Jobs.

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If you never invested in AAPL, what would you do with your money? In 1997, Apple has no idea of iPod or iPhone yet. If Jobs was ousted again or decided to retire for health/family reasons, appl may stay there like amd

Just a wild bet, totally don’t make sense from an investment wisdom perspective, and from a financial prudence point of view. Why do I did that? I’m asking myself that question too. Most probably lack of understanding of investing principles, learn most of them after buying AAPLs. Turned out well though. Is why I believe in the saying, “What is yours would be your eventually, what is not yours don’t cry over it”. Appreciate the Chinese saying, first destiny, second luck and third environment.

What would I do with the money if don’t invest in AAPL? Most probably sitting in fixed deposit earning below inflation.

So all your knowledge of investment is pretty much not useful to make you money. Your knowledge only makes you feel good about your AAPL investment. Your knowledge makes you believe you deserve the returns from AAPL. Maybe it’ll help you keep your wealth.

Some education also is useless and only makes people feel good about themselves. That’s the danger of the liberal education. Makes every educated feel good and adamant. Thinking that they know everything and brain washed to the degree of day dreaming