Missed the boat in 2008 downturn!

I had seen similar homes sold for $380k, with no buyers to deal for 3 - 6 months, during 2008-2009. I did not have guts to buy these homes at that time as entire market was down and 40% homes under short sale at this location.

Now, they are getting around this level. Regret missing the boat :scream:



“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey


No need to look back. Need to adjust to today’s prices mentally otherwise everything is too expensive and nothing is worth buying.

If I tell you the deals that I was in contract on but walked away from you will laugh so hard that you are going to need to see a doctor. :rofl:



I just went to see one of my clients, and I stumbled across an estate sale on Monroe in San Jose, couple of blocks away from that mall nearby. $900K somebody paid, they will torn it down and make a killing.

Where were you guys?

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Make sure you don’t miss the 2018 downturn! :smile:


What downturn???


Isn’t there a downturn in Tesla and Facebook shares right now?

People are usually too optimistic or too timid. Both have their downfalls. Too optimistic, and there’s no protection for a downtown. Too timid, and there’s too many missed buying opportunities.

I thought the consensus is that FB makes money so will be fine after flu but Tesla is a ponzi scheme? Oops, keep buying in Fremont, gang!!!

I too think Tesla should be bankrupt. But if people liked Tesla at $400 they should buy as much as they can at $250, right?

Much of this “buying at downturn” really boils down to your conviction about things. If you believe in BA RE you would have no problem buying in 2008. Similarly if you believe in Tesla you should have no problem buying in 2018.

If you don’t have convictions you will just miss downturn after downturn. So maybe “buying at downturn” is just not your thing. That’s fine. You can also buy on an uptrend. Either way is fine. Just buy! :smile:


I always bought on the uptrend and always paid way too much. I can’t help myself… :sweat_smile:


What I have learned over the years is that whether it be a house or a car, if it is something you really want just pay a premium for it (if that is what it takes to get it). I hate to miss out on something just because of a few dollars.

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I think I always overpaid for my properties at the time I bought. A bull market is very forgiving. That’s another benefit of buying on an uptrend. If you tried to catch bottoms you will most likely miss a few. The psychological pain of watching your purchase go down in value can be quite severe…

My hands are still bleeding from all the FB knives catching. :cry:


Start catching “playboy” Tsla :slight_smile:

All my hands may get chopped off. :smile: Dangerous acts like this is better left to brave man like @hanera.

Just buy will not work either with TSLA or BARE !

I believed buying in 2008.

It dipped to 380k (less than 400k) as I have given above. I did not have guts to buy more when I noticed around 5 homes around that price. At one time, I even tried to offer one 370k, but bank finalized another party ! Finally, I bought one REOs, almost similar home, in near by areas and fully paid the home now. Now, I am even tempted to sell the home at this price !

Regarding TSLA, even if it goes up further, I would wait for an year or two how the company goes. Reason: I was one among the first day Model 3 buyer, yet to get notice my car is ready. Until this happens, I assume TSLA has production issue/delivery issue and never picks up.

I am confident about TSLA coming back, but not confident on economy going up (with rate hikes). When market sentiment is dull, TSLA will not be preferred as TSLA is not fundamentally strong company like GM or BA or GE (still good) or AAPL.


+1. Same. but a year or so after the purchase, I am like, wow I got a good deal!

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Agree with Jill here on TSLA. I was a line waiter on day 1, and will be picking up the car tonight…


You are the first one I am hearing to get now. I registered two, one fully loaded and another bare minimum, but none I got notice.

Here’s hoping there is one :confused:

Sure ain’t looking like one in RWC: