Money Or Happiness?


Spoilt by choices :blush:

99 Ranch, Lion, Marina, Hankook, HMart, Marukai, Whole Foods, Traders Joe, Safeway, Target (grocery section), …

So many grocery stores nearby.

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The low stress Irish life seems attractive. Hope the family will be able to increase their income without too much stress. They rented a $6000 Saratoga house for 11 years, missed an opportunity to buy a home during the downturn. From their spending, they must have been making really good income, at least 300k a year.

High stress level is what I do not like about Bay Area. When you achieve financial independence, you can quit your job. Is the life going to be a lot better in Bay Area when you do not need to work?

Once your passive rental income is enough to sustain your life, you can quit your high stress and high income job, but instead working on a self employed job such as a realtor, or a hobby real estate investor like wuqijun. Is that going to be a better life than working your current job? You just work as much as you want, and have no pressure to work when you do not feel like.


Yes, @BAGB, I aspire to be like @wuqijun and a few others here…

This is the one and only mantra on money that I learned very early in life and makes perfect sense of it all:

Don’t just work for money. Make enough money so that it works for you!!!



And I aspire to be like @manch. Good job creating this website! Although I have always been a lousy programmer and tech employee. Good thing that I found a passion in real estate investingj! Well oh well. You can’t have it all :wink:

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This website has exactly zero revenue. Haha.

Now that I don’t work in tech anymore I still like living here. For us first gen immigrants I can’t live in flyover states like Iowa.

I moved to the East Bay the moment I quit my high tech day job. South Bay is not cost effective to live in. If you own real estate there it’s best to rent them out.

But I see why one would like to stay in the South Bay from a lifestyle perspective… I do envision myself moving back to the South Bay one of these days.

Ok, a few props for our Founding Father is in order…

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I think he will need to generate some revenue soon if this is to be sustained. Maybe add some ads…

That’s all we need, Denny’s or Amazon ads to be floating on the side…

No amazon! No need to enrich Seattle! :slight_smile:

Seattle now has the most wealthy and the 2nd most wealthy persons in US. I was rooting for Mark Z. Sad!


What? I was rooting for that BART janitor…


Walnut Creek is a city…All the rest are little towns…Downtown Walnut Creek has restaurants, shopping and a world class hospital. .Very livable and affordable. .If I move back to the BA I would buy in Walnut Creek…plenty of upscale areas…

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That don’t mean a thing. The wealthiest person in the world, Carlos Slim, lives in Mexico.

The trade off is lower appreciation, but more affordable. .It all comes down to jobs and commute. .Remember Dukey, chose to live in San Ramon valley and commute to Silicon valley…Didnt get it. … was from LA and Seattle. .Buy in the East bay when you retire or decide to get off the treadmill

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This new supermarket was mentioned on KTVU news tonight. An hour wait? Come on!!! They mentioned they will be expanding in the East Bay and maybe to the Fab 7x7

Uh oh…hopefully Steph’s jumper is better than his home investments…

Go Dubs!!!

He shouldn’t be selling it so soon. Not a good investment decision at all.

Isn’t that a case of don’t own the most expensive home on the block? For $3M+, there are more desirable places to live.