Money Or Happiness?


Well, even Steph can use a tax loss to offset any tax gains… it is the American way as The Donald would say…


Well, he does own another and bigger crib in Alamo I understand as of now. Let’s be honest, Steph is about to get his max deal to right the Warrior income hierarchy some after this year…


I think Steph should become a landlord. I would like to sell all my rentals to him. Plus my primary residence. Then he can hire me as his property manager. :grin:


You have greater aspirations in life…me, I just want to be the guy who throws him back the ball after he swishes it…


Ok, mo money, mo money, mo money…


Hmm, I wonder if this extends to having a SAHW.


Of course you are happier if you have more money!


But, must I quote the late, but great lyrical genius, Notorious B.I.G.??? Mo money, mo problems…


In fact, I think most people gave up happiness in order to earn more money. Because many people are dissatisfied with their job, but chose to carry on with it because they wanted the money.


There’s no balance between a good life and money.

Those poor like me seek it, those with enough of it, fight or work harder to not lose it.

If I ever had lots of money, I would worry to make a plan to get it every month for the rest of my life without me lifting a finger. Then I would be really rich.


The truly rich live off the interest of the interest…That’s truly living below your means


Then they can donate 100% of their wealth to charity after their passing!


They? You mean you? :sweat_smile:


Absolutely I’ll do that for sure.


I do not know whether this right to link this post, go through it.

Lopk the Paragraph in the link

“What’s amazing to me though is how I NEVER realized this until she broke up with me. I had focused so hard on my retirement goal that I almost based my life success on how well I was doing on getting to that. I was seeing my investments and bank account grow and I got so focused on the potential future that I stopped living in the present. Not only is this not attractive/fair to my partner, but it didn’t grow me as a human being either. I never realized (until the break up) that if I’m miserable during the accumulation phase, I’m still going to be miserable afterwards. Because having 100K, 200K 500K, 1M means nothing if you aren’t happy and not doing stuff you love/being with people you love”


Having money means nothing if you aren’t happy, but having no money means you are definitely not happy.


Asking the question, how to be happy means you’re not happy.
Just live.


Um… I don’t envy their downsizing…


I saw this in reddit few days before someone posted

When you are young, you have time and health but no money.

When you are working, you have money and health but no time.

When you are old, you have time and money but no health.

Balance it properly !


I’ve said it many times here. You get into an accumulation wealth action, years go by, you get to get the money you so much sought, but then, it may be too late for you to enjoy it.

So, I have no idea of what a rich person feels every day in the morning, but as I am writing, my daughter is laughing on the second floor while I am in the living room. Many of those rich people, never heard their kid’s first words, never changed a diaper, never saw them walking for the first time. In search of wealth and economic fitness, they forgot their families. Sad!

Like jil said, balance it properly, enjoy what you are doing but don’t let it be the only thing for what you are living for.