Money Or Happiness?


Why do you think I am downsizing essentially? I have been saying this forever, using my fav tenant of all time as an example. She downsized from a huge home to live in one of my studio apartments. Retired and a lovely, intelligent single (now) woman who just travels and blogs about the many places she visits.


When you don’t have to work and can do what you enjoy everyday, that cost money.
and that means money can buy some happiness.


One of my uncles saved lots of money, but not in the bank. He had a son, and he liked to party. One day, the son regrets being a bum, so he asks his dad for a chance to work for him. He knows a bit of electronics. His dad gave him a chance to run one of his bars, the oldest one.

So, the son, out of his heart, decides to help dad and starts to clean the back of the bar, a room full of broken things and so on. He sees this jukebox in a corner, he connects it but it doesn’t work. He then opens the back of it, and to his surprise, bundles of $100s are in there. Do I need to tell you that he quit that day and his dad never found out why?

A month later, my uncle goes to “deposit” his money in that jukebox. Remember he has been saving all his life and now old and in need of retirement he is going to use that saved money to go anywhere. They say that when they found him dead next to that jukebox they never realized why, until they found out my cousin was living like a king and one day he was drunk told the story of how he became rich by fixing a jukebox. :joy:


Is this a plug for having a safe deposit box???:grinning:



Man: I’d rather ride a bike laughing than drive a BMW crying.

Woman: I’d rather drive a BMW crying than ride a bike laughing.



The article actually says the reverse:

“[Women] lean more into things that money can’t buy,” says Hibah Shariff, senior public relations manager at Charles Schwab.

More than 60% of women said they’d value good physical health over having lots of money. They also prioritized feelings of gratitude and peace of mind.

“Women value relationships and the lack of being stressed-out about money, being grateful for what they have,” Shariff says.


“More than 60% of women said they’d value good physical health over having lots of money.”

Instead of buying an expensive engagement ring, buy her a lifetime gym membership. Umm, how well would that go over?


How about just split the bill 50/50, engagement ring, gym membership, or otherwise? :rofl:


@wuqijun was actually talking about Chinese women:

As carmakers expand their presence in China, now one of the world’s fastest-growing car markets, Chinese women have taken a liking to luxury cars, challenging the status quo of this traditionally male-dominated market.

Maserati’s managing director of Greater China, Bo Yaming, said recently in an interview that Chinese women account for 40 per cent of its buyers in the Chinese market, which is in stark contrast to the rest of the world, where women account for less than five per cent of buyers. German luxury automaker Porsche is seeing a similar trend. In 2015, 40 per cent of its sales came from women in China, who are becoming a key growth engine. Ferrari noticed that Chinese women prefer more powerful and more expensive models, and sales to Chinese women are about four times the sales to women in the west.

“In China, women are ambitious … so they will buy more ‘high powered’ products than women in the US or Europe,” Tom Doctoroff, a senior partner at brand and marketing consultancy Prophet, recently told Forbes, addressing the difference between women in China and the West. Luxury cars have become a way for Chinese women to display their power, an outspoken symbol of their newfound status in society.


I am starting to suspect @harriet is driving a Maserati…


How you know? Yes, a Chinese woman actually said that she’d rather cry in a beemer than laugh on a bike :laughing:


No, I can’t picture her doing that. A Maserati is like a Benz on steriods when it comes to needing maintenance and I can’t imagine Ms. Harriet putting up with that. She is probably a Honda or Toyota devotee too. Ok, maybe a Beemer Girl…


Yes I drive a beemer. You guys happy now? :roll_eyes:


OMG, I might have to bring some eligible gentlemen to the shindig…

(Always matchmaking in hopes of that big red envelope payday…)


I believe you are laughing in the beemer and not crying on the bike :joy:


You got this all wrong. Obviously those driving Honda CRVs are the loaded ones. Beemers are toys for the poor.


Wait a minute. Matchmakers get red envelopes? Never heard of that…


We do NOT work for free…:grinning:


Volunteering could be good karma… :rofl: