Money Or Happiness?


Ok, you two (@harriet and @wuqijun) may be on to something…


More single person households = more demand for RE. Buy, buy, buy.

I always wonder how they separate for those comparisons. Are they talking about single = no relationship at all or are they including people in a relationship but not married.


Single people are having more sex than married people.

Or they are secretly together :rofl:

From what I heard, many ex-divorced prefer to live together without marriage.


Sounds like they’re not rich anymore if everything’s expensive.

I’ll take health, house and money, thank you. Can’t go wrong.


Yeah… No kidding. Kids put a damper on sex in a variety of ways.


We only have 14% asians in Chula Vista, but we still have a Ranch 99 right in the middle of it.


Thumbs up on your new town. :+1:


San Francisco is the only place that didn’t get infected by ranch 99. :rofl:


Wait, are you back north sheriff?


Interesting… why?


no, still in Chula Vista.


Because Chinese shops were already established in SF prior to the ranch 99 infusion.
Ranch 99 can only set itself up at places without such shops which they are unable to successfully compete against (or maybe just not as profitable as in places without these shops to begin with).

Same with New York.


Not many other options over here. Nearest one is a Korean market 16 miles away. When I lived in San Jose I used to shop at Fresco more than Lion. Its a combo spanish chinese market at eastridge. Their prices were better. Manch might be familiar with it.


I went to fresco once to check it out. But we usually shop at Manila Oriental Market that was walking distance to our house.

That’s also a Manila Oriental Market in SF!


Where exactly? Someone had suggested we move to Oakland, but as far as I could tell none of the schools in the $1M house range were any good at all and Piedmont was $2M


Oakland has great private schools…Oakland and Berkeley combined are a much more interesting place to live than the Peninsula…A real city…Plus easy access to SF


UGH! We don’t want to be paying privates for three kids. At that point better to stay in RWC.


Walnut Creek… over 2000 sqft houses around $1M with good schools (900 API). But hurry! Prices increasing fast.


Walnut Creek is cheap because it is one hour from SV without traffic…2 hrs at commute time


Um, commute to SF then. There are tech jobs there.