Money Or Happiness?


Location location location


Is this where I mention Fremont again for the ?x time??? Schools have already risen since we first chatted…(and with that, prices).


Oakland has many good schools…especially in Piedmont, Montclair and Rockridge…


I drive by there all the time when I am in Oakland and I will acknowledge that Head-Royce, granted private, is highly regarded. I met a realtor who moved his family from Noe Valley to live down the street from this school so that one of the sons can easily go there (Lincoln Heights area).


Got it! For some reason I thought you were closer in


Interesting… Cheaper than either Nueva or Harker.


Thanks. I’m pretty sure Piedmont is out pricewise, but Montclair looks interesting…

This could work, though not sure of commute/how close it is to BART… Is Rockridge station the closest?

Rockridge looks to be higher than we can afford.


Man… those bedrooms views–all the trees–just amazing. I could really love that house.


Ok. So there is like ZERO information on what Montera MS is teaching. Do they have different math pathways for different kids? When do they teach Algebra I? Do they offer Geometry? Do they do math contests? Do they do robotics contests?

So frustrating… And not well rated at all. 4.

Looks like they either don’t participate in the AMC 8 or no one did very well.


I love Montclair reminds me of the Berkeley Hills. Charming rural and some killer SF bay views


I would look at Berkeley Albany ElCerrito and Kensington too. Lots of good schools and highly educated parents


Sigh. Friend in El Cerrito said the schools weren’t very good–which was why she moved there (no kids in public school). Berkeley isn’t affordable.

Will look at Kensington.

I need a public school system with a gifted/high achieving program that doesn’t have a waiting list. [full-time, not pull out]


I doubt you will find any of such schools in California public education, sadly.


Not for an affordable price anyways :frowning:


I never thought that relocating with kids would be so hard.


It isn’t really that hard. Being a high achiever in a slightly better than average school will get you into almost any college.


Hey, what about Lowell High School in the Fab 7x7??? Come on!!!


It’s not about college admissions, it’s about keeping my kids appropriately challenged and happy. I had to move DS1 to a full-priced private school because his school refused to accommodate his needs in math. DD3 is looking to be similar, and I don’t want another bored kid for whom homework is painful busywork. That’s one reason I want to stay in RWC–we have a magnet school where everyone is 80th %ile and above, so the classwork moves at a decent clip, and they try to make the homework reasonable and meaningful/necessary. #2 is in, and #3 will apply this year. #1 couldn’t get in because there was a waiting list for his grade–lesson learned. But that’s what I’m worried about moving somewhere else–the best public schools/programs have a grade level where you enter a lottery, but after that you end up on a huge waiting list. :frowning:

[Edit: I should say “The best programs in mediocre schools”–best public schools will have it for everyone]


Your kids are important no doubt, but what about your own priorities?


One of my priorities is not to have whiny kids. Whining just makes me want to scream at people.

And if kids are going to spend 8 hours a day in school they really should be learning something.