More Americans fleeing high-tax states

Taxes are often a top consideration particularly when someone is relocating for work or looking to retire says tax expert Bob Meighan, a former executive with Intuit. The biggest tax you’re going to face, after the IRS, is the one your state presents.

No point staying in SV if you are not working. Go to a zero state income tax State.


Why not go back to Singapore?

Is your dividend income of AAPL not sufficient to stay in SV? I thought you have big load of stocks like WQJ and saved enough to stay in SV.

Just pay the tax and stay in your SV home. No need to fret about the fake fleeing to Austin :rofl:

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Not time yet.


And have your tax funding the welfare of undocumented immigrants?

You’re right. Liberals are getting out of hand.

USA broke away from UK because of tax. Now USA becomes a tax country and California becomes a tax state.


Hate speech and hate crime!!!

Give documents to the undocumented. Problem solved.

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Hate speech against @hanera

Granted not as much (yet) from the States, but Malaysia’s MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) program is getting some major play. How so? Well, they are considering re-upping the minimum requirements (probably because too many folks are doing it). The head of the show pretty much point blank said, “We want quality, not quantity.” So, up will go the money you need to buy or deposit over there.

Last night, we entertained wifey’s old co-worker who was in Vegas for the CES on behalf of a China online company that I think you guys chat about on occasion. He is Malaysian. He told me go back and check it out but yeah do it. Where my wife is from he thinks in many ways has surpassed KL the capital.

Malaysia is bullshit. 2nd rate country sliding towards 3rd rate.

Malays control the ballot box. Some day in the future they will put a Trump as PM and Chinese will get screwed once again. Right now they are misled to think the country is getting better after they threw out the 1MDB swindler. That guy is a piece of work, siphoning billions of public money into his private account.

In other words, perfect Malaysian.


The incoming is of the same. Second round of siphoning has begun quietly. There are Trump like personality in other political parties but they didn’t get much traction. Malays are by nature carefree and friendly.

LOL there’s even a Wikipedia article on that topic:

The Malay-controlled government ensures that all Bumiputras of Malay origin are given preferential treatment when it comes to the number of student places in Government universities,[10] and many Chinese and Indians have chosen to study in private universities.[11] The Malays are also given discounts for new houses and preferential treatment in public housing, cheaper burial plots in most urban areas for the deceased Muslims, that all key government positions to be held by Malays including most sporting associations, a minimum of a 30% Malay Bumiputera equity to be held in Listed Companies, full funding for mosques and Islamic places of worship, special high earning interest trust funds for Bumiputera Malays, special share allocation for new share applications for Bumiputera Malays, making the Malay language a compulsory examination paper to pass with high emphasis given to it.[12][13][14][15]

The lack of meritocracy in the Malaysian education system is a concern, the problem is it creates more disparity between various groups in Malaysia. Even school text books have been criticised as racist especially from Chinese and Indian type school who adopted learning methods from their main land country.

The most depressing thing is that many (most?) Malaysian Chinese, being raised and spent all their lives in Malaysia, see it as perfectly normal. Brainwashed? Stockholm syndrome? Not sure. It sure as hell is NOT fine for me.

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Screamer-in-chief, don’t waste your breath. Tell you what, if you want to sound convincing, open a Yelp account and give Malaysia a one star review. That’ll open a new category - major breakthrough for the company.


Singapore is also biased favorably towards Malays and Muslims
National Language: Malay
There is a Muslim Affairs Minister, no Christian/ Buddhist/ Hindi Minister
Malays also have preference in housing

Btw, similar things happen in other ASEAN nations too. Somehow, overseas Chinese there not only survive but prosper :thinking:

Like the 1-star reviews Comcast got? :smile:

“Prosper” is relative. Yeah some made it filthy rich by exploiting the corruptions but most are just scrapping by. Fundamentally if the whole country is a shipwreck nobody can escape the shiftiness.

I just remember one good thing about Malaysia. At least it is not Indonesia. :smile:

Personally I’d be thrilled. This is what I went all the way to Bali for. But not everyone here feels the same.

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You should have moved to Florida.

I will go and check it out myself. I can’t believe it is that bad if Chinese and expats want to retire there. Again, if I am going to be residing in mostly expat country like say a Penang how bad can it be?