More Americans fleeing high-tax states

That’s a ball python.

Hate speech against 2nd rate and 3rd rate countries!

Hate speech against Muslim country!!

Fearless Leader must have eaten some bad curry. Is it the average joe and jane’s fault there that the former PM leader raped the country? There is no reason why Malaysia can not recover from this and actually prosper with decent leadership. The proximity to Singapore is key and the Chinese want in.

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He apparently doesn’t like Indonesia either. Maybe because of their habit of sinking Chinese vessels caught fishing illegally in their waters? Or executing drug dealers? All I’ve seen of it is the rural parts of Bali away from the touristy areas and Bali is a bit atypical as it is majority Hindi and not Muslim. Interesting religion but all the traffic hold-ups for processions moving some god or spirit from one temple to another got old.

Frankly, this general area is no different from a Vallejo, an Oakland or Newark when it comes to investing. All of the other areas around it is or has prospered so eventually the money will rise there too. Mind as well get in before it is too late…

Read some history of that region, how the Chinese people were treated there. To this date they are still subject to discrimination. I am not talking about some subtle social discrimination. They are written into the laws.

Malaysia will prosper because it’s close to SG? Huh? Did they move their country closer or something in recent years? It has been next door to SG forever. Why is it not a kickass first rate country today?

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SG used to be dirt poor before it was kicked out of Malaysia. It was kicked out precisely because it has too many Chinese there. LKY literally cried on TV. SG was not much more than a speck of rock with zero natural resources.

Look at SG and then look at MY. And go read some history.

Not precise. Combined has slightly more Chinese :hugs:

Not precise.

Again, have you been there? My brother in law is from there, hello??? He pointblank told me yesterday don’t worry about it. I believe him more than you, thanks. Boots on the ground, mean more than someone’s opinion from the other side of the world…

Ahhh….so happy to know some people are going back to their country of origin following their pal’s advise. :laughing::laughing:

I hope one of them is the one hating Latinos. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Maybe you should follow some of your own advice. Where have you invested in? In sheethole Oakland and Hunter’s Point. Oakland, the perennial whipping boy of the Fab 7x7, yet you are there. Hunter’s Point, the radiation capital of the world and you are there again… Maybe we all should go all in on Malaysia since Fearless Leader is NOT there…

Boots on the ground. Yup. Next time I will ask some random joe on street about SF real estate. Their opinion must be golden because they live there. :smile:

On the blue corner! :laughing:

And on the red corner! :laughing:

Yet, most of us still live here in the Bay Area. I guess high tax is not the first priority.

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Gee guys!

You haven’t paid attention to my topics?

There’s discrimination within Asians, and some Asians spread that discrimination, bigoted, racist attitude towards others. Same goes for whites, blacks and Hispanic.

Don’t hate each other, try to commit to be Americans, loving all the extraordinary skills, cultures and whatnot from other people in the world be them living in the US legally or illegally.

The end!

Are you retired?

It’s about access to lots of high-paying jobs. Once you have a SV income, then it’s easy to leave SV for the same income. The risk is always the next company. It might be harder to maintain comp, or any other city is going to have fewer options.

If you read here, it’s about access to Asian food :slight_smile:

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Hearing much from your Singaporean friends? Singaporeans are robbed and murdered in Malaysia highways? Cops wait at strategic areas for Singaporeans to make traffic offenses and collect $50-$100 in exchange for letting them go? These are called excitement :slight_smile: you prefer boring life?


"Mr Goh, who paid $400 to get rid of the python, said: “We felt really helpless. The snake could have bitten us. Our lives could have been at stake while we were given the runaround.”

That’s seems cheap! They should’ve charged $1K at least.

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I’m not retired, just unemployed.

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