More Americans fleeing high-tax states

Not long ago, Eunos is a Kampong :slight_smile:

No place is perfectly or immune from some crime or bad governing. Even in rigid China, where everyone knows or should know that your life is literally on the line if you commit a crime, yet you will have an idiot who thinks he/she can get away with it…

Yes, generally small numbers but just look at where everyone is coming from. Come on, ultra safe Japan, Taiwan and Singapore even. Wouldn’t you think Singaporians would know about how bad it was over the border? I thought China was all that??? Even Hong Kongers…(smh)

Good point. Historically, Malaysia had many chances to make Singapore a living hell, but that didn’t happen. Singapore has no choices other than showing a smiley face to its much larger neighbor.

Good luck. When are you wiring in the money?

Not until it is required, which is probably the last step I think (with getting med checkup) where we have to physically go there. Agent takes care of it all until last step. The money will be earning tax free interest in the bank, so I am not too worried.

Believe me, your concerns are valid and sure I thought about it too but I also just plan to be there during part of the year at that point. My inlaws are there, so my wife should be happy about being there a lot.

It would be neat reporting in from Malaysia of all places. You got Seattle, San Diego, too much Bay Area and then Malaysia…

You probably already know this but the interest you earn is still taxable in US. You also need to make sure you file FBAR if you have more than $10K in all of your foreign accounts combined (even for a single day).

Beautiful critter. And this time the press got the ID right. Lucky for the lady. Australia is the only continent where the venomous snakes outnumber the harmless ones.

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