More Colleges Making SAT And ACT Optional

Wow, The University Of Chicago…

Apparently the last round of SATs has kids upset. Apparently it was too “easy” and the scores were lower. (How that works, I don’t understand–if it’s too easy, you’d think people would still get the same scores, just have gotten more right.)

Imagine if colleges went almost completely or materially with actual, face to face interviews (just like your 9-5 job). Kids would have to get off their cell phones and computers and actually socialize and omg talk to other human beings. And you know they will do it, why ? Two words: Tiger Moms

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Could it be to limit asian applications?

The problem, in short, is that the SAT is scored on a curve. If the mathematics exam is unusually easy, students will on average get more questions correct than in a typical SAT administration. But the College Board then compensates with a curve, and missing a relatively small number of questions can result in a much lower score than would typically be the case.

Caution is also a measurement of your ability :slight_smile:

Easy tests/exams tend to push up less intelligent but more careful students and push down more intelligent but less careful students.

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We can eliminate academics. No GPA, no yet score. Only admit students based on

  1. Likability
  2. Activism
  3. Liberalism

Justin Bieber goes to Harvard. Einsiten goes to De Anza college


I think the math portion should be required for engineering and science majors, whereas the verbal portion should be required for humanities majors. That way we have a clear distinction and better matching between talent and subject matter. Because you don’t need very good verbal skills to become a good coder, and you don’t need very good math skills to become a good English teacher.

That’s what the subject tests are for, though.

As long as you never have to work on a team.

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That’s socializing skills not verbal skills…

Below average social skills is the hallmark of them good coders

No, that’s verbal skills when ur able to porporly rite a memo 2 ur cowerkers and dokumint yur kode.

Verbal skills are academic skills and it’s very important to be a good coder. Some complex concept needs to be conveyed and discussed effectively.

Social skills involves taking credit for other people’s work, assigning blames to other team or other people. Social skill is a code word for political skills

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Nope. Wrong. To advance in career, sure, but not to be a good coder. I have plenty of asian coworkers whom do not talk much, and most often hard to understand (language barrier), but they are good at what they do.

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Those Asian coders have superb verbal skills in their native language.

Foreign language is not required to be a good coder. You will lose some political advantage if your English is poor but your logic reasoning can be done in your native language. Asian coders with poor english or

But we are talking about ENGLISH verbal skills here, since it’s the SAT. Thus, based on @tomato’s comment and from my personal experience, I believe it is a fact that English verbal skills don’t matter much in the programming profession.

@terri, we are not talking about misspelling “coworker” or “kode”. SAT verbal tests your knowledge of eclectic words like “ambrosia” and “hirsute”.

Maybe it’s not always the case, but I ran into a former student of mine at a Redfin event, and he asked me to apply for a job at his company when I go back to work despite knowing that I’ve been a SAHM for multiple years because he said “I know that you can communicate.”

Clearly for some people it matters.

That means he is confident about your socializing skills :slight_smile:

Sigh. Your communication skills are lacking young grasshopper. :slight_smile:

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Not at all.