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Here ya go, @manch, West Oakland RE and food all rolled up into one…


“What would I want West Oakland to be years from now? Not East San Francisco,” said Southon. “That’s what it’s being called these days.”

“But we can’t look at it like every white person is coming in and gentrifying the neighborhood. That’s not the case.”

Do people really call West Oak East SF? I’ve never heard of that name. I think West Oak would probably melt into Emeryville.


On any given day, Hong Kong Fast Food on Adeline Street could have a steady stream of customers reveling in ham chow mein and mu shu pork.

Shout out to Hong Kong Fast Food! My dad used to be a line cook there.


Ok, I had to go to The Bible - solid 3 stars on Yelp. In our Fearless Leader’s mind, that is double Michelin Star action…


Sterling Bank opened a branch in Oakland Chinatown! I just saw it today.


Ok, if I am “hearing” you correctly that means dumping your stockpile of Apple, Amazon, Facebook stock and going in heavy on Oakland RE, specifically anything around Chinatown…:slight_smile:


Oakland has been steadily improving for 20 years…My 15 year old investment has doubled and I get a healthy check every month…Not new news



But Uber does not even bother to have many workers in Oakland. I think SF should worry much more than Oakland


OMG, the Fab 7x7 is no longer in the Top 10!!! Those darn (but yummy) chicken wings!!!


What about Portland? Home of the only Vegan strip club…Uh Oh trouble in paradise…


Love it…

Lap Dance? Oh no, I came for the green salad…



Would love to underprice like that in Tahoe…but we just dont get that kind of traffic. .It is actually unethical and against CAR standards but in the BA underpricing is accepted and applauded. .Funny how no one on the forum objects…But I find unpricing to be cheating…It creates a silent auction frenzy…should be illegal…Buyers fall for it everytime…I surprised they are all that stupid…desperation breds stupidity. …I “won” once one of 12 offers…never again…Lost money…The guy ahead me offered $5k to go away…should have taken the money…the lot turned out to be 20% smaller than advertised…We could have sued, but my partner worked for the same realtor. .Overpaid, than overbuilt then lost our ass…Lesson learned…silent auctions mean buyers overpay…plain and simple


Hmm, surprised on your take on underrpicing… agreed, in a smaller market like SLT yeah probably not a good idea to go 19.99. Here in the Bay though we have so much demand that I like to think we are pretty darn close to true capitalism as you can get. Everyone has nearly “perfect info” (MLS, comps, etc, etc) so one bids accordingly and to his/her own financials/expectations/investment strategy and it is closed bidding process for the most part. It is not perfect, and I am sure some shenanigans do occur but it seems to work well here. That list price, low or high, doesn’t really mean anything. Sure, you list too high and you have a disaster like that Outer Mission home that still has not sold as of today. Yeah, the low price is enticing and a teaser price but at the end of the day if you don’t want to buy you don’t have to at your price point.


Works well for sellers, but buyers are screwed…CAR recognizes this and deems it unethical, but does nothing about it…I can imagine there are all kinds of ancillary unethical activities going on…Number one dual agency. …of course you dont have to buy…But in this crazy market buyers play along or are left out…

The silent auction macine is inexorable. .Plus once you get the lucky bid, then they ask for your highest and best. …pure bullshit…Capitalism is ok…but this ia con job


I was once asked for my highest and best by a Tahoe Realtor. .I said are calling me a liar? I said I already offered my highest and best…Anything else would be a lie…Besides I don’t bid against myself…It actually sold for what I offered…He was just trying to con me…He was a lying bastard. .plenty of that shit going on down your way…don’t kid yourself…


How is our housing market, hot as it is, really any different from any commodity that is in high demand or not? One can argue that it is not, but others of course (the pro rent control, housing is a right fanatics) beg to differ. At least with housing, you don’t have the BS of the stock market. Come on, on a theoretical basis why should the stock market have controls that shut down the system if the drop is too low? The game is fixed. A stock in my opinion should be able to freely go to $0 on any given day. There are no controls if it goes up too high, right? Hey, fair is fair…