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The difference is CAR has standards and ethics being violated everyday


Come on, ever hear about inside trading or hedge funds? The underwriters and preferred customers make the money and the general public is lucky to get a piece. No different. No game is completely clean…


I only care about my game…I don’t trust the stock market at all…But when a local realtor screws me I remember. …


As well as you should right? That local realtor will never earn your business again. That is why I worship a realtor like The Machine. He obviously does an excellent job or why would he literally have too many listings on his hands? Yes, I know, houses here can sell on their own but still there are hordes of able bodied agents here too, wanting a morsel. The Machine eats at a buffet nightly…


I believe in the rule of law…Sure the government has gone to far on regulations. .But laws like fraud and ethical standards are required in business. .Or we go back to gun play like in Nevada…One realtor in Emerald Hills pulled some shit back in the day…He ended up dragged into the woods and left beaten up and naked…Have to rules and standards. …He once time listed one of my houses without my permission. …Thought about taking him out to the woods myself…


Ok, let’s explore your local realtor situation (its a light news day…). So, what were exactly your expectations of this local realtor? Come on, to be honest, were you expecting a good deal too or some pocket listing sale that didn’t come to fruition? You are too experienced in the game to be upset about the game…


I doubt your Machine is squeaky clean…Check the BRE website…I might call Anna Barbagelata and tell on him if he was a bad boy…


Again, he gets the listings. Bottom line. I do not believe he puts a gun to their heads. The Man is a machine!!!


I am not upset…Just puzzled thatt it is now SOP in the bay…Frankly the realtor quailty here is crap…I showed my Coldwell Banker in PA buddy a realtor AVID in Tahoe…He wanted to report to the BRE himself and get her fired. .I have my own in house realtor…I dont have time for reporting unethical activity. .It is an epidemic. …


It is not about the gun, it is about lies and underdealing…I am going to call Anna…curious what she thinks…


Do tell…again, my expectations though are the same about our favorite peninsula realtor with the hair. When you are at the top, everyone tries to knock you down a peg. I don’t expect a choir boy but I would be shocked if he is the devil too… his success speaks for itself


Should I start a new Definition Of Idiots: Oakland Leadership thread?


He is a total sleaze bag‚ĶMy wife‚Äôs client found him sneaking around her yard‚ĶShe confronted him‚ĶHe demanded to know why she chose my wfe over him. .a lkcal realtor with more experience. .She found his chutzpah laughable. .Sorry but most ‚Äúsuccessful‚ÄĚ realtors are lying pricks‚Ķhis MO is to not let other realtors show his listings‚ĶThe king of doulbe dipping


Hmm, too late to stop my appraisal in Oakland for tomorrow???


1000 workers for 75k SqFt. That’s very efficient. If every company used office space so efficiently, Oakand and SF will be able to host most of BA office or workers

"WeWork City Center, as it will be christened, will be located at 1111 Broadway in Oakland, featuring four floors and approximately 75,000 square feet of workspace.

The space will accommodate roughly 1,000 members and will feature artwork by Oakland artists and designers."


I guess Oakland residents would prefer lawless anarchy. They should go see how that works in Detroit.

I thought it was fake news, but here’s the actual doc on Oakland’s website:


Normal office space is 300sf per worker…75sf per person is worse than prison…Remember a large part of the space is corridors, stairs, toilets and common areas…Sounds like a sweat shop


Come on, we are talking the SF Chronicle!!! No fake news…ever!!!


I remember reviewing office space usage for planning. 40-50% of office space is common space: elevators, stairs, aisles, halls, lobby, bathrooms, conference rooms, etc. Only 50-60% is actually cubicles and offices.


Remember to include a bedroom, err, storage room for the janitors…:slight_smile: