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West Oakland is the capital of homeless


The article says Oakland city budget is only 1/10 of SF’s. Wonder how much of that is due to property tax. That’s a huge difference.


SF spends a ton, but what results do they have? The bulk of the problem is due to alcohol/drug addiction and/or mental illness. Unless we get aggressive on court ordered alcohol/drug treatment and/or court ordered commitment to mental hospitals, how is the problem going to improve? Forcing that is a slippery slope in terms of infringing on individual freedoms. I think overtime you’d see significant over reach to lockup people for trivial reasons.


Slightly dated, but provides some data as to why our budget is so big


The airport and hospital are ~$2B/yr. so even removing those the spending level is insane.


I was visiting my property on Saturday and had contacted a LA for a SFH relatively close by to my 4plex. OMG, sold for over 600K for a SFH in an up and coming area (yes, realtor speak). Then, I go to another open house, plenty of hipsters and young couples. Asian and white. Things are moving…


Oakland. …the new Mission district




Ok, just went with the old price increase strategy to 689K…




People heading West instead for the Fab 7x7!!!


Not too bad…1/1 condo of only 720 sq ft sells for 550K. Near good old Piedmont Ave though…





I heard on the news this morning there were already some NIMBYs not wanting the crowds of people in their hood…