More rent control BS


If it gets on the ballot it will probably win because the property ownership has been going down as a function of the populations as a whole. In the last ten years the home ownership rate has gone down and the number of renters has gone up. When you have more renters than property owners, Things like this are going to pass. Even property owners who don’t rent out their units will not vote for it because they want to keep their options open. The solution is more first time home buyers programs.


Finally posters with a real understanding of how the democracy works.

I’ve joked here so many times how the so famous landlords are good to complain but no show when their voice is required.

Do you forget taxation without representation?

One thing is for sure. There’s too much democracy when it comes to voting and electing. You can not, I repeat, cannot change the constitution without it being the beginning of a revolution.

People look out for their own wellbeing, landlords and tenants are not united on this one. It’s the nature of the beast, it is not what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or whatever it’s said.

You wanted to become a landlord, be it. But know there are perils and inconveniences to confront. Otherwise, it would be too easy for everyone to become one of you. That means, I am complimenting you. Can you believe that?


53.8% in 2016 down from 60.7% in 2006. However this number (53.8%) is tracking to historical norms. The 60.7% was bubble years that pulled in people who couldn’t afford to own based on loose lending.

Homeowners tend to vote more. Hence I am fairly confident if this gets on the ballot it won’t pass (like how rent control didn’t pass in the owner majority cities last year, tho’ it did pass in MV)


On the other hand, when I read “illegals vote”, I swear, I just lose confidence in the intelligence of my American people.

I voted via mail. Did they ask for my ID? Hmmmmmm…no, they didn’t! I could have been buried 6 feet under and the impostor could have voted instead of me but that’s left for your imagination.

I ask myself, what were the founding fathers thinking when they wrote something like this: A well regulated militia if what we see is a bunch of good for nothing Rambo cheap copycats armed to the teeth with bazookas and M-16s. Are they regulated? Are they shooting muskets? :face_with_monocle:



Isn’t that extortion? This is worse than the tactics used by the movie studios to extort money out of suspected movie pirates. At least the movie studios only target people who are suspected to have committed some wrongdoings.


“We have to build a base of tenants, a movement,” says Anthony Romano of Homes for All. “And no movement is going to be strong unless it is rooted in democratic, participatory tenant unions.”

What’s sad is that these people have given up the hope of the “American dream” of owning their own house. I’m really surprised there isn’t more of a push to get the “working class” out of the cycle of poverty through affordable home-ownership programs. What would that look like? Probably government developed buildings that then sell condos or townhouses to working-class people.

Of course, that would be a hand up, not a hand out which seems to be against the government’s psyche, but why don’t the tenants themselves demand it?


Tenants are abused more by the liberal democrats than landlords…Every project blocked is another group of tenants destined to be homeless…the BA politicians have blocked millions of units from being built, and blame landlords…:face_vomiting:


And whose the real “bandit” here? Presumably the new landlord paid market price to the old landlord and has to make ends meet. Unless the old landlord sold to the new one at a discount, the tenant probably has only the old landlord to blame for the new rental rate.


The tenant guilted the old landlord to keep the old rate. Instead of being grateful for the years of cheap rent the tenant becomes militant. I blame the tenant.


That’s Singapore’s model. All couples apply for HDB after registering for marriage (although legally married but is not considered married till traditional Chinese/ Indian ceremony). That is, all married couple owns a house :slight_smile: No house, no marriage :blush:


She sees a future where community land trusts and non-profits and limited equity co-ops own a city’s housing supply. It’s a future where the capitalist class no longer controls the living conditions of Socrates Guzman, Cynthia Berger, Araceli Barrera and millions of their fellow Americans.

We are in trouble. May be is ok for Californians since has Prop 13 and low 30-year fixed mortgage. I’ll be damn in Austin since property tax would increase with house price, can’t raise rent to compensate for the rise in property tax means I would soon be subsidizing the tenants… crap, time to consider selling.


Time to sell RE and buy stocks?


My mother in law gets almost free rent in Russia. Has lived in the same apartment for 65 years. First there was 2 families in the 3 room apartment…it will be inherited by her kids and grand kids…There is an extreme housing shortage and always has been. Rent control is communist BS… It guarantees substandard housing and human misery…the Russian government does not maintain the buildings properly… They just pick an arbitrary time to tear them down and replace them…The old Stalinist era buildings are being torn down…Nobody knows when their own building will be demolished and they will be moved into a new state owned property…the idea that people like the NYC mayor believe in this system is disgusting


Do you have to get out right away? Seems like value should remain since rent and property tax are related to housing value. Rent won’t drop right away.


You take my words too literally :slight_smile: I blare out my inner thoughts indiscriminately :blush:


I think in one thread @hanera said he was putting an offer on more Austin houses. I need to catch up with him in Austin!


Do you want to invest more in Austin? Previously you seem somewhat disillusioned.


It is still in my secondary list if I were to consider outside of Bay Area. Given Daly City price to rent ratio is compressing, and for diversification, it is still a choice for me. And I am quite happy with my PM company and price appreciation in Austin in last 2 yrs (my limited experience). But ultimately, I want multi-family apartment buildings!


Budding @Elt1 !!