More rent control BS


I am yet to go up and meet the man and learn from him! Maybe this summer.


When you retire?


No apartment buildings for me. I like SFHs (or condos).


Why? RE experts say apartments & cashflow :slight_smile:


After I got desire cashflow from those, I can consider slowing down.

Love to hear your reasoning. I felt like easier to scale and even syndicate OPM.


Ultimately it is what you like, not what you need.


Apartment buildings are way harder to liquidate.


Where for apartments? Bay Area? California or out of state?


I was able to generate a lot of cash flow from low end properties I purchased on Contra Costa county. However after many years I realized that this is not where I want to be, and I’d rather sacrifice the cash flow and buy into the neighborhoods that I truly desire.


I don’t think apartments are hard to sell. It is all about the financials. No emotions . Plenty of 1031 money floating around looking for deals. I get emails from realtors looking for apartments to buy.
I just feel if you have hot 1031 money you better be prepared to overpay. So I ask more in times like this.


I haven’t made up my mind yet. I have been studying up different MSA and doing analysis.
Both California & fly-over state. For Apartment building, I am looking for good cashflow and less headache (good boot on the ground). I am still investing for appreciation, growing the nest egg, so not ready to switch the model yet, but might consider later this year or next.

For what reason? Appreciation?


He misses eating good Chinese foods. CC has junk Chinese restaurants. Recalled the dim sum don’t taste good right?


Yeah I’m kind of tired of my base here in Contra Costa. I’m thinking about moving back to San Francisco or the South Bay.


Liquidate your stock and buy a mansion in PA.


I would do that if you are willing to liquidate yours and dump everything into bitcoin.




If you sell CC and buy rentals in SF and South Bay, will you still be able to laugh to the bank every month?

I’m wondering whether that WSJ landlord is crying to the bank every month.


Which WSJ landlord? I’m a WSJ landlord and I laugh to the bank every month.


if you were to use cryptocoin, you could be your own bank, and save time to the bank, and laugh twice as hard!

obviously kidding. me and @BAJacket are just playing with our allowance from our parents.


Also time to move out of your parents’ basement…