More rent control BS


If I could pick my lifestyle before I was born I would choose nothing more than playing with my parents’ allowances… :rofl:


My allowance comes from Papa Manch.


That new purchase helped by Peter Pan


That should be an all cash purchase to park money. Buyers don’t need to collect any rent money to be happy.


Flips can work in South Bay. But buy and rent is hard to work


It’s hard if you are cash strapped and need to borrow tons of money. If you already have tons of money then easy breezy.


Even if buying with cash, I would prefer the duplex in Antioch with 9% yield over WSJ house at 3% yield.

Plus, I would prefer sp500 over cash RE purchase. Without leverage, RE is not attractive at all.


One of these is not like the other… But if you can’t tell the difference, that’s a really big problem.


Yea, of course Bitcoin is the better investment here, that’s the difference :rofl::joy:




Yep, Bitcoin will only take you to the moon. Altcoins will take you to Mars :smiley:


City of Santa Cruz votes on rent control today, AFAIK
2% and just cause.

Wish me luck!


I hope the commies stay there and don’t come to South Lake Tahoe.


Ok, I will pray for ya…


Unfortunately, if you keep “selling it” they will come too…


I already thought Santa Cruz had Berkeley rent controls


South Lake Tahoe doesn’t need my cheerleading. Besides I have only convinced one of you guys to come take a look. But I think Statewide rent control is possible.


From this story in December, maybe Santa Cruz doesn’t have it yet…


Definitely no rent control anywhere in the COUNTY. Today, the CITY is voting.


What are you anticipating? A close vote or are there actually some board members who get it that this is not the answer?