Mortgage REITs are dropped like a hell today - Something not good for Real Estate side

You know that I started buying NLY, but that fell like a hell today, I just DCA the purchased finally came out with no profit no loss.

Then, I review similar companies, all are routed similarly

Does it mean market is expecting foreclosures down the lane?

Many businesses won’t be able to pay rent. Many people are likely to be unemployed.

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I am not sure what was cause and what was effect. But some of the wild trading in high yield mREITs were linked with UBS’s redemption of the MORL and MRRL ETNs.

Got the answer why they are dropped heavily !!!

Margin calls…


After $50 Billion of Losses, No One Comes to Save the Mortgage Market

  • Many publicly traded U.S. REITs have lost most of their value

  • Starwood Capital, JPMorgan among those in hunt for bargains

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