Mountain View Condo


I don’t think it’s that outrageous. There was another unit in the same building sold below list last August:

The one I posted is a 3 br but smaller, I think maybe it will go for $50K higher? Don’t quote me on this though. I do wonder why this is so much cheaper than some other condos. I wonder if there is HOA restriction on rentals?


Tenderloin area. Homeless, feces, and syringes.


Buy when there’s blood, drugs and poop in the streets :smile:


I’d take Van Ness over Hunters Point any day. Wouldn’t live in the latter even if it’s free.


:bird: eye?


Don’t know about you but I value my life.


San Mateo condo. Zillow rent estimate is only 3k. Massive negative cashflow.


This person is asking for 2.4k for one room in that 2/2 condo:

1/1 condo there is asking for 3.5k:

I think 4k is doable there, if not more. They are still building out that area. When it’s all done it will be great.


Just because they ask doesn’t mean they will get it. Why would anybody pay that much for Hunters Point when there are news like this at least once a week?


Because Hunters Point != Bayview?


They are one and the same. Think of it this way. Say you are still working in tech and need to commute to downtown SF everyday. Would you rent in Van Ness or Hunters Point for the same rent?




There’s no third option in my example.


The option to camp out on street for free is always available. :smile:


Why am I talking about condos anyway? Wasting my breath on you guys :rage:


Don’t get mad… I think it could be natural that @manch would be protective of Bayview… :smile:


He keeps pumping Bayview but nobody’s taking his bait…


Darn! But you guys all took dragon’s Sunset bait?


What? I used to live there.

So you are finally admitting that you live in Bayview? :smile:


Here’s a condo in Millbrae:

So we now have condo samples up and down 101, and they cost about the same. This one in Millbrae can rent for 3.2k according to Zillow. So from MV, to SM, to MB condos cost about the same and rent for the same. Only in SF can they rent for 4k and above.