Mountain View Condo


Yes yes yes!!! yes yes yes yes yes!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@sfdragonboy will be proud of us :innocent:


Mr. Dragonboy has become a lurker lately for some unknown reason :thinking:


You know how he is. Either hes too busy with his new house and/or hes afraid that his identity is exposed with his new purchase so he went into the shadows.


With nosy people like you two thats understandable


Now youve got me curious :smile:


Didnt you already chase one person away? :scream:


Not my fault!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I hope he comes back though. Kind of miss his crankiness:slight_smile:


We gotta say bad things about SF, thats when he shows up.


He is crankier than me?


Jil not the boy. Geez.


what?! gotta learn to read first.


No. Both @jil and @sfdragonboy stopped posting. Both have become lurkers, still paying close attention to postings here.

Dragonboy stopped posting for unknown reason. If there is enough curiosity as to why then maybe I can personally volunteer to drive over to his home and knock on his door and ask why

Jil stopped posting because he was upset about multiple people questioning his stock prediction ability. @manch accused me of being the culprit for that one :smile:


Yoda is just playing with @tomato


You should blame on manchs new policy of not allowing spamming of posts :slight_smile: Manch became sensitive because of one jokers claim that 95% of the posts here are garbage.


Is it possible @sfdragonboy and @Jil are the same person in real life? Any clue?


One is a toisonese, the other is vietnamese.


I heard some Vietnamese are Chinese descendants. So both can be true for a single person.


If thats the case there is some serious split personality going on. One is a die hard fab 7x7 fan and the other is south bay focused.