Mountain View Condo


Sharing but overly aggressive. So evens out lol :yum:. BTW If I had a put a face to you that would totally not look like you. Wait, you already share your real pic unlike me :grinning:


No way that’d have come out of Yoda’s mouth…quoting the wrong person :joy:


Darn people. We were talking about condos!!


Focus! Making money: good. Theorizing about race: bad.


Wait…How many have you bought in last 2 yrs? Too much info isn’t it :grinning:


Who me?




See, I’m asked to share again. But unlike @jil who gets all the sympathy in the world I’m being called aggressive and over the top. What a thankless job! :laughing:

Anyhow, I think I bought around 10 homes…


@wuqijun # of homes question was for @manch who was trying to police us

I know enough about you.


That’s what happens when you start pumping Bayview :slight_smile:

Okay back on topic. How’s this area of Emeryville? I don’t really like tri-level homes but this one looks decent:


:open_mouth: I shared for nothing!!! :scream:


How much can it rent for? Me like Emeryville.


Btw, I saw @Jil was typing on the Willow glenn thread couple minutes ago!


Pichai is not really the corporate CEO since Google is not a corporation, it’s just a division of Alphabet.


Sure, LLC. lol.


To me, Google is Alphabet. Whatever they are doing outside of Google is a complete waste of time and money. Start paying those dividends already! :laughing:


Why buy a condo there? If you buy there, should buy a house


My guess is around $3.5K. Looks like the apartments near East Ocean are rented at this rate. Is this area ghetto? I only know Bay Street.

You just scared him away…don’t mention his name anymore :shushing_face:


What I mean is that pichai reports to Alphabet CEO, he is not reporting to board of directors. Alphabet CEO can replace pichai


Pichai will be replaced - i don’t see him stay for longer than 5 years from now (and i have no idea why, i just don’t think he’s charismatic or anything - he seems very neutral.)