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You are right. I have seen Google SVP/VPs that talk more aggressively. I don’t know how smart Sundar is; so can’t compare on that aspect. But I would certainly think Amit Singhal (former SVP) was lot more smarter.


Smart as in book smart? Smartest people are in academia. I don’t want a professor leading a big company. Completely different skill set.

That is saying a CEO is smart or not totally miss the point IMO.


How about the Softbank CEO that was from google


tomato’s smart refers to technical competence. Professors are very technically competent.
In running company and managing projects, we need political acumen and wisdom.
Jack Ma is technically incompetent, he runs Alibaba :slight_smile:


Smartness has different context in different conversations.

When I say he’s smart for an engineer, it means he can do minimum work and create a product that has just enough features & minimum maintenance. A non-smart engineer would try to get input from a lot of pms/engineers (big mistake), try to get ducks in a row but fail, and eventually launch a product after 2 years (and loses 2 years of revenue or market-test opportunity), and people congratulate on this hard journey.

A smart RE investor would see opportunity in future-rising-markets, and bets on them when others look down on them.

A smart CEO could do a lot of things: 1. find smarter SVPs to reduce his burden 2. reduce company-wide beurocracy 3. find growth areas and pivot great acqusitions.

A book-smart person is useless.


Technical competence :grinning:


Cherrypicking much? read what i wrote :slight_smile: exact opposite of what you said.


How so? Is exactly what I said. You tend to focus on the technical competence of a job rather than the political wisdom aspect :slight_smile:


Man, we are talking about a CEO or A S/VP position. That’s not necessarily a techncial competence now is it?

I really haven’t seen Sundar doing neither of 1-2-3 yet.


No. I think incentives are more important than smarts. My impression of google is that it’s overindexing on people’s smartness.

That’s why google’s voice assistant is just called google assistant while all the other ones have names like Siri and Alexa.

Another bear case for google.


Google branding sucks, for sure.

G everywhere, me dislikes. I like how we didn’t force “G” sometihng on nest or yt yet, which is nice.


I realized I have no time to get into discussing BS with FIRE’D folks like you, @manch and @wuqijun

Look how @Jil got picked out when he is the most sharing person around. This forum is free stuff, take it or leave it. Dont go around in loops on trivial stuff.

I’m more aggressive in person than in this forum :wink:


Google was nice when engineers were dominant. Now PMs are dominant. Another bear case for you.


Google needs to start paying dividends. That’s all I care about.


Right. People need to be nice. Stop picking on folks.



Can you see the stance he took? He comes from my worldview is correct, any behavior that is not consistent with my worldview is wrong.


We are all agressive a-holes that’s why we are successful. Everybody happy now? :smile:


Look at the kid in you, complaining to @manch lol…


I am explaining to him what I meant when I said you are aggressive :smirk:


Wait… I thought I was the most sharing person around… I even showed everyone my bank account… :smile: