Move Over Tesla


$38k could do a lot on futures options on puts. Not my thing…Stocks are too much like gambling for me…I stick with bread and butter real estate. …Shorting Tesla seems to be a popular sport in NYC…they don’t believe the West coast and tech are real…


Yes and the shorts will get trolled by Elon again in due time.


Shorting TESLA is faster way to lose money. This is volatile stock. Even though I am 5% negative (as of now) with TESLA stocks, this is not a stock to play ! People can stay away from TSLA, but not short or Put sale.

IMO, entire economy goes to correction soon. Unless this major economy change happens, TSLA is not reaching $190. At that time, anything we buy, real estate or stocks, will be good in the long run.

I am guessing (wild guess) all stocks and real estate has reached peak already. Both will be volatile as FED has hiked 4 times rate and starting to rewind QE money. Rewinding QE money means availability of mortgages reduced that makes rates to go up.

Best case, economy may run nicely another year withstanding another 4 FED rate hikes. I am really skeptical at this stage.


If all stocks and real estate have indeed reached peak, isn’t it time to unload everything? Time to sell all until the only thing left is your primary residence.


Yes, I offloaded everything except a few (partial NVDA & TSLA) came out, paid off another rental home mortgage. Right or wrong , I want to book my profit.


At this stage of the bull trend, booking profit and deleverage is the prudent move. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, safety first :joy:


Hanera, how can you say something like that? I don’t see you selling any AAPL and booking profit. Please stop misleading people.


The drop seems to have stopped before the 10-day crossed the 50-day. This is no man’s land until the stock moves back above the 10-day. The next support on the downside is ~$300.

Does Tesla own all the service centers and service vans? That’s a very different model from other auto companies. Auto service is a pretty profitable business, and the other auto companies let dealers earn that profit. That could create a nice additional revenue stream once model 3 cars start rolling off of warranty. There will still be service required, and you can’t be the convenience of a van coming to you for it. Honestly, that might be a bigger story only having electric vehicles. Anyone can copy the electric vehicle only model. The service model can’t be copied due to dealership franchise agreements.


Oh boy! You got the clown in me.

I am glad to know you are waiting for that car 3 years down the road.

I am also glad to know that you finally woke up and decided to enjoy life by buying something expensive, which by the way would go against your investor mentality of investing the last penny in your pocket and die in the effort, leaving everything to your wife or kids or the milkman or the mailman.

Congratulations! You will be using the equivalent of an IPhone 3 when everybody will be using IPhone 10.
What a smart decision! :laughing:


Context. Jil is heavily leveraged and almost as old as me, so he needs to deleverage. I’m hardly leveraged because I’m just too old to manage leverage. I didn’t advise you to deleverage because you’re young and have high risk tolerance. I don’t just say the same comment to anyone using my risk profile, I tailor my comment according to their profile and circumstance. I do notice many people like to comment as if other people is like them, in their same shoes and have similar experience.

Jil bought his stocks for not long so profit is not multiples of initial capital like mine, also he has plenty of previous losses to absorb any gain. I don’t have the luxury of such losses and my basis is very low. Selling would incur huge taxes. Context, my friend.


Really?? You are pretty much saying that Jil is a lot worse off than you are and can’t tolerate as much risk as you do. Well, poor Jil!!!

Let’s just assume that being the case, then all the more reason for Jil to assume even more risk! That’s the only way for one to move up the net worth ladder. Reducing risk is definitely not going to help.



Staying too long in USA?

Have you forgotten 欲速则不达 and 以退为进?


This is America not China. Those proverbs are not as relevant to the culture here.


Similar one in telugu:
పరిగెత్తి పాలు తాగే కాంటెక్ నిల్చిని నీళ్లు తాగడం మేలు


I think is because you’re a young man in a rush.

Not the same meaning. What I meant is “haste makes waste” and “retreat, regroup, re-engage”. What wuqijun is suggesting is to advance fearlessly and over-extending the supply line.


Exact translation is: “Instead of trying to drink Milk while running, better to drink water when standing”


Sound similar. Google translator is not good at translating saying :slight_smile:


This is deep!


Not at all. I think one should “advance with caution” and “extend with the supply line in mind”. There is no recklessness and over-taxing of anything here. However, “retreat” is not an option in my book.


I am fine to be poor. I can not match you and hanera, for sure, you have lot of tolerance or steady hold capability than me.