Move Over Tesla


I think hanera holds the record amongst all of us nonetheless… longest held stock: aapl since 1997.


Predicting Tesla stock performance is like predicting a hurricanes path…155-464…that’s a helluva spread.


Why don’t you buy some? Useless to just talk about it and be on the sideline :slight_smile:


Frankly, if I were a stock guy/gal, I would take my chances on Big Bad Amazon instead… (not that Tesla couldn’t do well too)


Amazon already has a mega market cap. Too little too late.

Here’s a list of too little too late stocks:

  1. Apple
  2. amazon
  3. google
  4. Facebook

These stocks are not too late:

  1. Netflix
  2. TSLA
  3. bidu
  4. twtr

In any event, buying anything is better than bought nothing. Happy investing!!!


TSLA and TWTR, I am skeptical.


Agreed on twtr. TWTR has lost all of its momentum. It will be extremely hard to pick up strong growth. I am still holding TWTR bought at IPO. Probably should find a time to dump it.

TSLA’s problem is well known. On the other side, if TSLA doesn’t have the capacity issue, the stock price would be much higher. California is also looking to give TSLA a boost by providing $3B EV stimulus. High risk and potentially high return.

Netflix performance exceeds my expectation every single time. That’s why I still hold it despite being less certain how it could keep high growth with apparent lack of breadth.


Every auto manufacturer has or will have EV projects. What is Tesla’s edge? Volvo just announced it’s working on an EV.


Tesla’s edge is Elon Musk.


成也蕭何 敗也蕭何


Only success here no defeat :slight_smile:


Bolt is selling every month appx 1500 cars in California. Model 3 buyers like me switched over to Bolt as they are available in the market.

Now, bolt will be grabbing all opportunities.


You missed the point. Bolt does not have Elon Musk. Only Tesla has him. :slight_smile:


Jil, how is the Bolt? Do you recommend it? 1500 cars a month in 1.5m/month market seems insignificant


To hell with a Model 3. Get a Fisker Karma, way cooler and no range anxiety


bad omen… buying a car made by a bankrupted company might lead you to your own one day.


1500/month = 18000/year. This improves continuously every month.

This is as good as Model 3. I want to lease it using my corp. But CA gov suspended my company as I did not fill statement of information ! Some bureaucratic block and I am fixing it. Just test drove, paid the down payment $5000 and yet to get the car. As soon as CA gov make my company active, I will get the car.

Most likely, my second car next year may also be bolt. I do not know at this stage.


I do not believe in omen or any of such…I Just believe in me. I am neither fond of CEOs be it Musk or Time cook. As long as they do right, as an investor, I keep my money with them. Otherwise, I am out of the company.

Warren buffet, I just learn from him. I like him as an great investor, but not any other way.


You are taking my comment too literally. I’m actually not superstitious…


I think the Fisker Karma will become a collector item…will appreciate one day…Until then it is a driver…A luxury car with great mileage…A lot better looking than the Volt and cheaper…BTW Fisker is back.