Move Over Tesla


O my god, it is back for real??? Is this fake news???


Congrats. Bolt looks & sounds like a sweet car to own


Bolt sales has been a disaster though.

We may want to bad mouth Elon Musk all we want, but he sells sex appeal more than green cars. People are willing to pay 40K for a Tesla but not a Chevy. At least not yet.


Exactly!!! Sex sells…


You make this electric and under $35K, I will beat you to the dealership…


Yellow Lamborghini screams midlife crisis.


Correction, yellow Mclaren and he can scream bloody murder for all I care. He is a bad, bad man…


OK then. Mclaren I can respect.


Honestly, on that day while driving in the Sunset I then see a brand new Ferrari (no plates yet) driven by a young Chinese kid. We totally are not in Kansas anymore…


Fuerdai!!! (Chinese term for rich young kids living off the wealth of their parents)


Chinese culture is sickening. While Americans cherish individuality and independence, Chinese people like to funnel all their wealth into their kids and spoiled them like no tomorrow. How about learn a thing or two from Warren Buffet and donate 99% of your wealth to charity??? Oops… do I sound like bitter sour grape ranting? I didn’t mean to… :slight_smile:


Imagine having so much money that you legitimately have to spend some of it to make room…you bring all that money to the states, well, where are you going to go next right??? Son, go buy that Ferrari if you want it…(smh)


Not really, see the exact version (VIN included) I am buying costs $43905. This is the max possible version of bolt with driver convenience and premium sound, leather Seat.

This is still in show room (with sold sticker)


Or, maybe not…


What about NextEV? They were hyping themselves as Tesla 2.0 with dramatically improved technology. They were based in China but hiring a ton in N SJ.



O my god, that’s risky. What I f the spaceship blew up in space?


I’m willing to take the risk. Let see whether he can get it done.


I took delivery today. The ride is better and longer mileage. I had handed over Leaf 1.5 month before lease, and the Leaf lease amount is also compensated by Chevy, they took leaf to return to Nissan dealer.

Bolt Premier version has inbuilt WIFI access point, ATT data plan required, that I can connect 7 devices (phones, tablet and computers).

It has builtin wireless charger for smart phones.

There is no GPS, but smart phone GPS can be used/synced with car console using apply play app or android auto app

Only difference between leaf and Bolt, breaking is slow. From the blog, charging time is 25% longer than Tesla.

On any case,I may stay with either Bolt or Tesla until another brand comes with longer mileage. The 235 miles/charge (at least 200 miles practically) is a excellent.


I would rather have this Hybrid