Move Over Tesla


Tesla’s Pretense Of Model 3 Production Has Been Ripped Away $TSLA

Looks like the Model 3 delivered thus far were assembled by hand!


I posted in another thread the production was hand production rate. 220 cars is a PVT build size. They are clueless on how to manufacture.


If it’s all doom and gloom then why bother talking about it at all? Let’s start a topic called “BYD Rocking the Overbids” shall we?


Because I missed out on the Tesla rally I take joy in harassing TSLA bulls. :smile:

Actually BYD is rocking pretty hard…


Again, money brings out the worst of human nature… :rofl:

I’m glad nobody admitted here that they bought some bitcoins back in 2009… :rofl:


I said not long ago that whoever is waiting more than 2-3 years for the delivery of a Tesla…he is going for a disappointment because he may get the car in R&D stage.

Man, the German manufacturer of trucks, USPS, DLH, garbage companies are ordering their trucks to be EVs. We then are going to be in a huge chit when they start charging those monster right in the moment you are coming home and turning on that air conditioner. The grid is going Kaput!


My bear case for TSLA continues…

Tesla can’t make the machines that make the machines work.

My first serious doubts about Tesla didn’t stem from missed schedules, I’ve been guilty of too many of these, they’re part of tech life. What seriously worried me was a July 2016 visit to Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. In taking delivery of my wife’s Model S, we were treated to a group tour of the site. Everyone marveled at the robot porn, at the activity on the assembly line, at the endless stores of spare parts piled to the ceiling.

Everyone but yours truly.

I couldn’t help check off the sins against the “Toyota Bible”, prescriptions for car manufacturers that are lucidly detailed in The Machine That Changed The World (a great and, in parts, sad read). In particular, one mustn’t stockpile parts on the floor, they must be fed in small quantities at small time intervals. If a part has a problem, only a small quantity needs to be shipped back to the supplier who can inspect, correct, and quickly adjust their own production process.

(Ironically, the Fremont plant is prominently featured in “The Machine…” as the locus of the ultimately failed GM-Toyota cooperation.)

As I watched Tesla’s messy, hiccuping line, with workers dashing in to fix faulty parts in place, my mind travelled back to the Honda plant I had visited years ago in Marysville, Ohio. Clean, calm, everything moved smoothly. I was so shocked by the contrast that I imprudently voiced my concern. That didn’t go over well with my fellow Tesla owners. I was a killjoy, I was calling their choice into question.

Tesla’s window is closing fast. Every car company and their dogs want to make EVs.


Companion read:

So the question is why, with so much pressure to produce cars to meet presumed unlimited demand, is output so limited?

To see just how limited, consider the rate of output. For the past 15 months and near future, the output is equivalent to 264 cars per day. If the Fremont factory is running three shifts, 11 cars are produced every hour. This is equivalent to a cycle time or takt time of 5.5 minutes.

This would be an tragic cycle time. Most car lines aim for run times between 1 and 2 minutes per station. For example BMW’s Spartanburg plant produces 1400 units per day which yields a cycle time of 1 min.


Tesla fired 600 or so employees recently. Nothing unusual they say, but captures the very core of their problems, they intended to be the mavericks of the industry but their attention span was concentrated on one product and at a slow scale having long list of customers definitely will cause their clients to look around and wake up to the fact that there are other competitors.

USPS, DHL, MAN the German truck, garbage recollection companies, commercial trucks, you name it, are sending their vehicles to the electric manufacturers and Tesla is no one of them.


Yes, their ability to manufacture is terrible. They had to raise billions to get model 3 into production. The stock still goes up.


• Holding court at a Reuters investment summit, Jim Chanos says Elon Musk will step down as Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO by 2020 in order to focus on SpaceX (Private:SPACE). Tesla, he says, will eventually go bankrupt (no time frame given).
• “Obviously this is not being valued as a car company, it’s being valued on Musk … he’s the reason people own the stock.”
• More: “If you wouldn’t be short a multi-billion-dollar loss-making enterprise in a cyclical business, with a leveraged balance sheet, questionable accounting, every executive leaving, run by a CEO with a questionable relationship with the truth, what would you be short?”
• He says he’s been adding to his bets against the company all year.


Ok in that case maybe I should cash in my 1000% Tesla gain before it evaporated… but then I’m pretty sure I would regret like @Jane did to nvda if I had sold it… so I think I’m just going to keep it… :rofl:


That’s why i sold half and kept the rest.
As my mom always says, you should leave some gain to the buyer. 1000% is good enough for you.


If @hanera had that mentality he would’ve been less than half as rich and definitely not as happy. Never leave anything on the table.


How come my name is quoted? Btw, I always leave crumbs behind.


The next buyer would like to thank you for your “crumbs”… :rofl:


Did you guys see the Tesla truck?


How about the new sports car? Anything to make you forget that there is no way way he can mass produce even 500k cars a year
Smoke and mirrors man is at it again… ADD addled Musk
Needs to partner with GM or Toyota or just sell Tesla


Musk heard you.


Musk rocks, no matter whether he delivers Model 3 or not ! Single charge 1000 kms, great !!