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Today Jun 5, 2022

But, risk management,

Boomers got slaughtered by dotcom bust, 2000-2002
Millennials got slaughtered by cloud bust, 2021-

His achievements

Mr UPST calling for a bottom.

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That remind of the “take two weeks to flatten the curve”

Here is my 2 cents on Mark Minervini:

He is the Author of few trading books which he continuously revise it then and there to make earning.
He keeps twitter, reddit accounts, TV ads for publicity to improve his book sale.
All his claims (sell at Nov 2021) are just ads to show he is too good…etc, but nothing is reliable.

Other than this, he does not have any magic of stocks or market.

Of course, he is able to sell books and make millions out of it, that is an art !

Here is how I came to know about him.

A friend of mine gave his twitter links, gave Puru’s link, Gave some other IBD links, subscribed to $150, $300…etc for many stock wizard…etc

His was having $800k investment accounts, following all these people, he used to buy/sell without doing any home work! Naturally, he lost $200k.

At that time, Appx Aug-oct 2021, I proved him that all are waste, just follow some rules and now his life is changed, he is either positive or not losing money.

Trading Rules:

  • Before making a buy, he needs to ensure he is right 100%. Even 1% doubt or 5% doubt, never buy.
  • Decide the steps one day ahead not to panic at the market hours.
  • Choose top 20 high market cap stocks or sector ETFs or index ETFs
  • Never buy loss making companies, even if it can go up 50% in a month
  • Never buy on a green day, Never sell on a red day
  • Do not have fear when market tanks more than 4% or 5%, buy on that day, sell when positive.
  • Never buy more than 30% cash in a day, keeping buying DCA when market dips after a big drop (4%-5%), sell when positive.
  • Finally, my famous one, never believe daily news/media for daily fluctuation of market. They are written, after the fact, to improve circulation but not necessarily truth for retail users. Trust only 50000 feet economic information given by news/media.

For B & H, use index ETFs such as QQQ or SPY, keep DCA when they tank more than 4% appx 10% each time.

BTW: This is not written for publicity, just sharing my thought process how to become successful, making positive cash flow. You can review or ignore it.


In other words, he would troll those who are less successful :rofl:

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Puru realized he is wrong about buy n hold strategy for unproven growth stocks and started to follow Mr UPST.

He repeated his bottom call.

My school teachers and principals say I’m a promising student with high potential. Got a BEng and a MBA, but is out of a job since 40s. I am a proof that education is :-1: School dropouts like Mr Minervini, Mr Jobs, Mr Gate, Mr Zuckerberg rock.

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I am still waiting for the last leg.

I have been telling Mark Minervini is half-baked, stating many things to keep up his followers - only to sell his books. Other than that, he does not have any magic/logic.

Then how can we go further?

Go for fundamentals now as market is entering in results zone. Do we think company (sample AAPL or TSLA) coming results are better than previous quarters? If so and if they have adequately dropped high, DCA if the price is reasonable.

Or else no fundamental work, just do some technical (like EW) DCA some VOO or QQQ !

These two options are far better than trusting those half-baked people.

Beware of false prophets

You see he is just average Joe. After 3 month or 6 month, he will claim he did call bottom or top correctly. It is marketing or book selling purpose.

The truth is market is always going like wave, up and down, it is pretty hard to find the bottom.

The general concept is any kind of guesses fails at some point of time, we need to keep up with market closely with high level economical outlook.

If someone ask, IS IT OVER NOW? No one can guarantee YES or NO except investor himself/herself.

Do not look at answer from web or blog, get the answer from your own methods.

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He has called the bottom.

I agree with his assessment that best stocks have bottomed. I don’t know what are the best stocks he is referring to. Didn’t subscribe. My best stock is AAPL.

You did not notice my post?

27d before and 6 days before too he said there is another leg down, now he says Best stocks have already bottomed (never said anything further). He is telling this after seeing S&P jumped 7.7% from recent bottom.

There is no difference between Jim Cramer and Mark Minervini ! Both are marketing themselves.

From my understanding, you are looking for an answer from outside, like twitter or reddit or blog. Any number of blogs you visit, you will see some marketing people only, making money out of others ignorance.

There is a saying, the best advisor or investor see in the mirror ! Didn’t subscribe. => Good for you.

The two phrases are not identical. First one contains the word, likely :slight_smile:

Can you tell me which stock is a secular compounder for 40+ years? 20+ years?
You don’t compare notes?

You or others won’t believe

UPRO (safer than => ) or TQQQ ( risky ) or SOXL ( high risk )

Still you are expecting answer from outside. If you do your own do diligence , you won’t ask the question!

Try to buy/DCA one share of each every time you buy any other stock and measure the difference.

You will know the truth.

Also, this is for brave hearts!

Have you noticed that SOXL jumped 30% appx last 4 or 5 days? It was $10.6 , yesterday jumped to $14.

Had you closely watched, you would have got 30% appreciation nicely even in bearish time !!!

Note: wrong play result you 30% loss, you need to wait like a crane for every bottom!!! That is the key.

Btw: this is not a stock or financial advice


I am talking about buy, hold and monitor for 20-40 years, not spend enormous amount of time every day, slaving to the screen and cracking my brain.

No time to do DD for a few thousand stocks.
Also always good to compare notes. Closed door/ mind analysis is bad… can’t see all perspectives.

I already said “You or others won’t believe”. You proved it right!!

I laugh at these statements…!

Garbage in => Garbage out…No matter how many blogs you visit, no matter many twitter guys you follow, you won’t find any answers.

Search will keep go on until you are tired of such searches…

Take for example:

Jim Cramer. His focus is earning commission money, more publicity, more millionaires he will add in his fund.

Mark Minervini: His focusing marketing his book.

Cathie: Her focus is earning commission money, more publicity, more millionaires she will add in her fund.

Do you think he/she will know the this? If they know, they silently pump their money first and grow 100x!

This is crooked financial market, plenty of people eat others money by way of commission or subscription or completely vested interest.

Who can secure and grow your money ? => One in the Mirror !