MRNA & BNTX - Are these next 10x stock?

Still not 10x :roll_eyes: is from point of talking about it up 10x :grinning:

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The same question was asked by my partner in stocks many times before buying calls/puts. He used to ask me “Are you sure…SPY or QQQ go up tomorrow?” Even yesterday he asked about Monday. He bought some puts and I bought some calls.

Who knows, who can guarantee about the future? You will never know 10x of any stock until it reached the point and no one guarantee that. Even today, I do not know, but taking chances.

Had I known such 10x, why would I have left TSLA? WQJ believed and he reaped the benefit.

It is up to the investors to analyze and decide what is best for them…not me can guarantee that.

Yesterday virus worldwide new cases are 684k (2 days before 688k) ! If virus hit, potential death may occur …who will take a statistics chance (2% death) will not come to them? Everyone will rush for medical remedy whatever may be the cost they can afford.

Sir, MRNA is innovative life saving medicine/remedy against a deadly virus affecting the whole world ! It is limitless boundary as of date for BNTX and MRNA.

The stock can go up when many governments approve it. The stock can go down when competitor find another better medicine.

Risk is with the investors…

Not the same :grinning: False equivalence. Not sure 2mrw but reasonably sure SPY will go up in the long run :wink: 10x is not sure but reasonably sure MRNA should have some steam left :grin:

And my statement is factual in that talking about the past :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: “Still not 10x”

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How much left? From what price to what price level?

Refer to the chart I have posted earlier, re-post here for convenience, my interpretation of the EW is not higher than $200 before a correction hits, I would BTC the short put once above $180. Did you notice strike price of my short put is $130 :grinning: is where I thought iv should stabilize at. iii may or may not be completed, doesn’t matter, I should make money with the short put - not confident that long shares or calls can make money at the point of time of opening position. This give you a glimpse of how I use EW and instruments for trading.

Your correction $180 to 130 was done last week and settles at 150 range now. Second, when fundamentals are getting strong, technical will be short lived.

I bought shares, from $94-$165 range, as I do not want to loose the momentum. Without even having single vaccine sold, the stock is at $50B level. Once FDA or worldwide authorities approve medicine, it shoots up.

But, what is their scope next 2-3 years and what is there for next 5-10 years is the issue. Even if $200 is a possibility, 25% from current level, that will come within 3 months(max). Most likely, The price $200 is easy to touch when FDA approves medicine.

I do not know how much it can go, but holding good amount of MRNA and BNTX as I do not want to miss the momentum. I have short puts and sold calls at various levels, making delta money. On any case, I want to hold the stock for next few years at least 2023 until all Covid vanishes.

For MRNA, they will make money with covid medicine and use it for their next 20 different medicines under research.

It is hard to break innovation, a clear moat

Don’t think you understand EWT. Very sure you didn’t do any in-depth read up. Anyway, I believe in FOCUS. Less is more. Just like not interested in researching TSLA, also not interested in researching MRNA. Also not interested in all those return to normalcy shares, JC have been pounding on them + TSLA + MRNA long ago. FOCUS :slight_smile: Less is more. I prefer to throw huge sums on a few, if possible only ONE, spreading too widely, might as well just buy S&P index (or any index). Lastly, don’t bother to comment on my EWT, it doesn’t show understanding :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: despite me having explaining so many times :weary:

Mom “Fish is good for health, eat the fish”
Son “I prefer prawns”
Mom “Fish is good for health, eat the fish”
Son “I don’t like fish”
Mom “Fish is good for health, eat the fish”
Son “I don’t want”
Mom “Fish is good for health, eat the fish”
Son “Please take the fish away”
Mom “Fish is good for health, eat the fish”

Doubt you can do it given your past behavior :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, I know about my behavior and I do not believe in my holding hand.

I purposefully locked it with $250 covered call ($4392) on MRNA ending Jan 20, 2023, this means If the stock goes up, I can not release without paying penalty and hold it until it is excised after 250 or let MRNA must come down way below or time decay has to kill so that I can set right covered call for profit.

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Just did some option volatility research with high IV, here are the statistics possibilities of price (3rd standard deviations).

Comparing MRNA vs TSLA as both are very volatile (This is changing every minute during market hours)

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Option trading is interesting. You’re not limited to betting on delta like shares (up or down). You can also bet on theta (time decay) when you think share price is going sideways for awhile, shares would have made no money. You can also bet on IV (arising from fast change in prices or impending huge events like earnings), betting on share price changes would be risky as not sure up or down post-event - betting on IV is known as delta neutral bet :woozy_face: i.e. independent of the direction of price changes.

There is a good book on IV by Sheldon Natenberg, titled “Option volatility & pricing”.


Yes, I have the softcopy of that book, thanks for reminding, will read it.

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The FDA says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is safe and effective. But trial participants warn of intense symptoms after second shot

I continue to think vaccination will be a slower uptake than most people expect. That itself could be a big shock to market that’s already priced in a rapid rollout.

For BNTX/PFE medicine, they need to store at -70 Fahrenheit level, once taken out of storage, life time is 5 days!

For MRNA medicine, it can be stored at -5 Fahrenheit level, once taken out for use, the lifetime is 30 days.

Both needs two shots, first booster and second after few weeks.

Covid is daily growing half millions rate! Lot of governments ordered millions ( beyond the two companies capacity ).

At present, only two companies are having success rate with messenger RNA method.

The potential is huge until another company finds something better ! It is an innovation against potentially deadly disease and may save 100000+. Every company innovated was rewarded by investors!

Just holding 900 MRNA and 500 BNTX.

I left TSLA, but I will not leave these two companies come what May ! If it drops, I buy more…



Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.32.04 AM
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.03.27 AM
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.31.52 AM
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 8.53.57 AM

Market is giving you another opportunity to buy now. Do not miss it !!!

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