Musk now slamming CA

"“I see in the United States increasingly much more complacency and entitlement especially in places like the Bay Area, and L.A. and New York,…”

I see tons of entitlement in the Bay Area. Like this one guy who wouldn’t shut down his factory when ordered just cause he’s super rich.


We should boycott this hypocrisy. He obviously doesn’t appreciate his $5b in government subsidies.
In fact Californians are buying less Teslas. Meanwhile the Chinese will take this fool for a ride.

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Musk is the Trump of tech. The recent stock rise has gone into his head. He’s slamming all of America, not just CA.

Cancel Musk.

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Despite all the talk and bs on Twitter I think we should give credit where credit is due. Tesla is the first successful automotive startup in decades, is creating 1000’s of domestic manufacturing jobs and, despite all the hype, Musk made it happen. Meanwhile Bob and Doug safely splashed down in the Atlantic over the weekend to a nation gripped by Covid. My preschool aged kids love looking over my shoulder while I watch SpaceX videos…

I frankly don’t see much complacency in America nowadays. Most of my twitter feed is people acting like their hair is on fire. Over 70% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

Democracy is messy but it allows society to course correct. We are at the cusp of historic change. I am more hopefully on America than I have ever been.

Depends who you think is entitled. I thought those ordering such closures were entitled. Weren’t they?

Tesla going to China is no big deal particularly if Musk is able to make China cough up money for his China plant. Electric cars, novel as they are, are not technological marvel or something that cannot be replicated. There are many makers of electric cars, including Nissan, ford, Chevy etc. Tesla has the most snob appeal. Good for Musk.

When he made a deal with China his stock price went from 200-1600. I doubt that much value was added. We will see.

Now that Trump is turning on the heat with Tik Tok, China has responded with the Apple lawsuit. China could make things bad for Musk if this tit for tat battle continues.

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Apple is the most exposed to China along Big Tech. Could get ugly if decoupling goes on apace, as I expect it will. Apple has been all too happy to comply with China’s censorship demands.

Not sure if this reddit analysis was posted here ever but tik tok seems to be a privacy nightmare.

Tit-tok is already banned in countries that add up to quarter of the world population:

I don’t think the biggest issue with TikTok is privacy. Rather it’s about their power to shape opinions and thus the potential to meddle in our democracy. We have enough problem with Facebook already, and it’s a company based on American soil. We can’t allow something that answers to a foreign adversary holding that kind of power.

Government still not ready for social media taking over their political narrative, true freedom of speech is not welcome.

FB data can be used by USG only and make $ from foreign suckers. We can’t allow this trick playing back on us. I repeat my view: non-Americans shouldn’t use FB, non-China people shouldn’t use Tiktok.

Anyhoo, avoid social media and any software products that make $ from ad such as Google search, YouTube, etc.

Chinese are not dumb. They want to show to the world that foreign investment is welcome and they can do things more efficiently.

They can immediatly find Covid in flight. further advertizing there healthcare system. establishing charter flight services for the executives and engineers.

How are they showing that? Any examples?

Chinese demonstrated that they can built Tesla factory the fastest and ramp up production. Infact Elon Musk said he learning from Chinese methods of dis infecting. He consider local people less educated in this field.
I am sure Apple leadership has same opinion but they not openly expressing it. Behind Apple manufacturing complex web of suppliers from China/Germany/Austria/Japan/Korea/Taiwan.

You think county officials giving lawful orders are “entitled?” Of course they are in the literal sense, in that they are given official title and powers. When used in the derogatory sense, as Musk is, entitlement refers to those who believe they have special privileges when they don’t.

I think when someone is abusing official position or power given under law, it can be cited as an example of entitled thinking. In fact this is the biggest debate in the country as we speak.