Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?

Oh no, let it fall. Nflx can drop 50% in 20 days

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Why is it that I always have to hear the first piece of bad news from this forum? :scream:

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Bought a few more AH. :scream:

:scream: Not right now! Wait for dust to settle…

It was below 200 6 months ago. I won’t be surprised to see 200 this year. Will take 3 years to recover

Buying calls after maybe a week.

Too many nflx bulls

No, not that severe…

I almost spend all my hours at home listening to netflix or yt, even when i am working, my wife is watching it.
OF COURSE I am a bull. Next thing close to it is YT. very bullish on both.

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Huge miss on subscribers growth.

Netflix’s (NFLX) missed expectations on its subscription numbers on Monday, with total streaming adds of 5.14 million versus analysts’ expectations of 6.27 million.

Stock was down more than 13% in after-hours trading.

The Los Gatos, California-based streaming giant on Monday afternoon reported second-quarter earnings of $.85 EPS on revenues of $3.91 billion and an addition of 5.14 million subscribers. Wall Street analysts were expecting Netflix to report $.79 on revenues of $3.94 billion and an addition of 6.2 million subscribers.

How do you listen to Netflix? Is there a Netflix music now?

It’s saturated internationally now. Where do they find new hyper growth? Mars is unpopulated yet, and there is no internet there as well


Sell on the news and ask question next week

No, background noise kind of thing. What i am trying to say is, a lot of people like me are hooked up on it. IT’s so big, it’s almost a utility now.

Ok, I bought it at below $100. So I’m happy no matter what. Let it drop like a rock…

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Does it produce content in foreign markets?

There are many TV channels. I’m wondering why there are no multiple Netflix like apps, what’s the barrier?

There are. I actually checked local market in my country, there’s 1 or 2 competitors producing really good content with local actors. I think they are damn good acqusition target for netflix. So answer is, i see this coming.

Time to buy amzn. It’s falling in sympathy