Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


Amzn can acquire them as well.


Amzn acquire local content provider? No. I would not bet on it, not yet. I don’t think Amazon prime is really a thing in local markets in most of the world? Not sure. Certainly they are bigger players in my country (for local market).


Hope NFLX can stay above 300 tomorrow


Netflix was on The Economist’s cover 2 weeks ago. Talk about bad timing… Read that feature article on Netflix. I got even more bullish on Netflix.

Netflix is enjoying some kind of network effect. The more subscribers it get the more money it can spend on content, which enables to get more subscribers. It’s expanding into international market like a wildfire. What’s really amazing is that Netflix started dubbing some of its foreign content into English and American audience actually like it.

Netflix is a global phenomenon. The only thing that can compete is Facebook. But Reed is on Facebook board. :thinking:


You are underestimating YT.


YT management sucks.

Facebook is the real deal on video. Watch it eating YT’s lunch in the next 5 years.


You have no idea how many people use YT :slight_smile:


When will alphabet spin off YT?


It’s effectively a different company, really.


:scream: :scream: :scream:


Netflix might have been squeezing growth. This growth shortfall can be a long term issue.


Our future will be similar to when there was only ABC, NBC, and CBS, only now it’s NFLX, YT, and AMZ.

Amazon is buying property (real, and intellectual) down here in LA like nothing else. They are in it for the long haul, but will struggle to catch NFLX. NFLX issue is quality control. If you’ve slugged through S2 of “Luke Cage” it was a 13 episode mush that could have been done right in 8 episodes you know what I mean. We also just watched “This is how it ends” - with great production values, but a shiatty story. Would not recommend because of how badly written it was. Let’s hope NFLX realizes that quantity is not the same as quality otherwise they will effectively bore their audience into becoming the MySpace of entertainment choices.

My .02c


Netflix is nothing but a movie studio who also owns cinemas. With a PS over 10 and PE over 200, it’s extremely stressful to meet expectations every time. I never bought nflx and with the sudden drop, will give up on nflx forever


Cancelled NFLX :slight_smile: because of iQIYI and Youku, haha.

NFLX is overvalued. Now that NFLX is crashing, expect IQ to follow :frowning:


i haven’t used netflix for over 4 years, i’m using 2 of these box i can watch basically everything… =)


That is what I want to see, I am very annoyed for not buying tons of them many years ago and when setting up F10 index. Please go down to $100 if possible, yes I am cruel, really don’t care about everyone who have NFLX so long I can acquire tons of them cheap at $100 :smiling_imp:


Why didn’t you buy with me back in 2016?


Wow. Let’s bad mouth nflx to 300 tomorrow, 200 next month and 100 next year


I think FB is killing GOOG. Mark/Sheryl aced Larry/Sundar.


No doubt. Mark and Sheryl actually like making money. Google still likes to tinkle with science experiments.