Netflix BOMBED. Anyone buying?


sundar is a clear joke.

sheryl and mark are both jewish, they know how to run a business, no doubt.


You are sounding like @wuqijun. :thinking:


You want 2016? You got 2016. Last time Netflix missed so bad on subscribers was in Q2 2016.


maybe, this is less about iq, more about culture though :slight_smile:



Netflix Plunges After Slowdown Threatens Highflier Status


Look at its international revenue growth. :fire:


Not sure about Larry. But Sergei is also Jewish I think.


Both are Jews. I think we should start hate Jews campaign so we can grab their assets :smiling_imp:


Both of them are jewish. None of them is currently running the business. i wouldn’t want sergey to run it anyway :slight_smile:


Why are you guys dragging me into this? Stop mentioning my name when you are racially stereotyping people.


Larry ran google for many years.

Anyway the stereotype that Jews are smart and good at business is also very popular among Chinese people. You can see many “secrets of Jewish success” type books in Chinese airports.


Currently, larry is not running the business.


I think Sundar improved google. IMO he’s the best CEO google ever had. He’s also a fellow MIT alum of yours. Why so much hate?


I rather think it as being pragmatic in most cases. Going straight to result, same happens in their daily life - all jewish people i know gets straight to the point, they are blunt, and i appreciate that.


Sundar didn’t really achieve anything significant as a ceo? he is not a charismatic person either. I kind of want the person being the ceo of a google-sized company to have started a company themselves large or small.


Many Asians are also blunt and to the point.

Jewish success is evident, not a secret. But in America and Europe, people are not trying to learn from Jews and and no one is imitating them to be successful. Why?


I have lots of asian people around me, but they don’t really talk much. they are smart, but not much interacting.


Jews do talk more and are pretty straightforward. But Page is only half Jewish. Sundar might be better to employees and better at gaining the love from employees


this is the state at google. everyone is so nice at each other, bs keeps piling up.