New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


Hey @marcus335,

The DMV wanted to use something from your “world class city” for the embedded security feature, but they couldn’t come up with anything… :grin:


Nothing from other parts of california? Very inclusive!


Maybe if @marcus335 complained enough the DMV might…


DHS still says extension 'til 10/10/18:

I guess shutdown is slowing the updates.


Uh oh, I really wonder if it is due to that start up company’s doings???


It is Jerry Browns fault. They let illegals get licensed. And didn’t hire more clerks. Plus citizens are now required to go stand in line instead of mail in forms. Citizens are now required to wait in line to get Federally approved licenses with their passports. Thank you Jerry for making citizens pay the price of your sanctuary politics


My wife happened to be off one day and so decided to wait in line to get that new Real ID done with. Well, we should have read the fine print I guess but apparently she was TOO EARLY!!! Come on!!! If anyone is willing to wait in line, they deserve to get served. Period!!! That was the way it worked before and should continue to work. What, your computer can’t accommodate an early applicant??? OMG!!! Talk about a ridiculous DINOSAUR that is just crying for a meteor to come crashing. Yes, taxi’s used to thumb their noses at patrons too and we know what happened…


The new real id is the culprit. Vote the communists that approved it out of office


Hmm, it is a bit far fetched but how is the DMV line in South Lake Tahoe, @Elt1? CA side, of course…


4 hours for my wife who now hates Jerry and the illegal license law


Don’t ever go there without an appointment. Lost my DL, went to one of the DMV’s where everybody online says has the least waiting time. Ended up waiting for 8 hours and 7 minutes by the time I got my DL.


I blame California. CA had so many years to prepare for it. They delayed and delayed and finally the still made such a mess. They prepared it pretty well when the undocumented aliens became eligible for driver’s licenses. This time I guess DMV is not even trying.


Vote Republican get rid of the liberal mandates


True… And CA thinks it’s big enough it can shove the Federal Gov’t around.


Dang, what happened? Surely, one of these offices on the outskirts of the Bay should be decent, no???


No one is better than others. Now DMV allows you to check wait time online, with one caveat: the wait time is fake.

You will wait in 3 queues: 1) Wait in the first queue outside to get in the door and type in your information on a touch screen.
2) then wait in a second queue to get a number.
3) Now you are officially in a third queue that is timed , which is reflected in the “wait time” online.

Read this woman’s experience:

I did better than the lady: by then end of the eighth hour, I was at least able to get the paper license and was able to drive legally.


Can AAA get you the driver’s license? I thought there were DMV things they could do for you.


The DMV not AAA only can do drivers licenses. The DMV is representative of all government interaction. People don’t believe me when I say how horrible building and planning departments are. But all government services are designed to obstruct and frustrate instead of help and serve. Bureaucracy has become like cops. They have an us vs them philosophy. Problem is the public is them not us.


It is so bad people are booking places 2 hours away. The Tahoe DMV had people from Placerville. The Stockton DMV is hell on earth. Vote out the liberals and get an administration that can make government work for its citizens


Is red state govbement more efficient than California?

I understand that less regulation and smaller government is the best efficiency. Just wonder whether red state can operate their smaller govnernment efficiently