New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


LOL. The lady next to me drove all the way to south bay from Capitola since it was even worse there.


Citizens need rise up and take the DMV away from government. Let AAA takeover all its functions


Before automobile was invented, do most people have no ID at all?


state id?



The state knew the shit would hit the fan. The wait times for an appointment are longer that the max 60 days you are notified. Disgusting assholes

With an appointment, the average wait time is only 19 minutes, up from 8 minutes a year ago. But when I checked online Thursday morning, most Bay Area DMV offices didn’t have a Real ID appointment available until late August or September. The first one available in Redwood City was Oct. 23.


The closest one i got was september, i think, it was in santa clara.


Just so that I understand–does every single person in CA have to stand in line for the Real ID, or will they be mailed to us if we’re already getting renewals by mail?

Also, do you need Real ID to leave the country or just travel by airplane in the US?


I got my license recently… didn’t get REAL ID. Now, I have to queue up at DMV :expressionless:



If real ID is optional, why bother? Real ID is a federal thing, we Californians can ignore them and make it useless


After October 2020, one can’t board a domestic flight with a NON Real ID license


Do you have global entry? Global entry is a federal ID.
You can also use passport. So this is non-news for me, but will get it anyway.


You can still have a passport and board, right?

After 2020, how can an undocumented immigrant board an airplane?


don’t want to carry additional document.


Greencard? Global entry? They are fedral ids


REAL ID will probably cost me $30/35. Will get it when I have some time(by Oct 2020). :slight_smile:


So you have global entry? If not, you should


We might as well have a national identity card. Why are citizens penalized so that illegals can have a drivers license?

Make the illegals stand in line for their own card… Not US citizens for in effect a national Id card

Make illegals pay out of state tuition not US citizens
Cox for governor


That’s the norm in California. Citizens are treated worse than illegals. Illegals get free tuition and healthcare paid for by citizens.