New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


you can’t renew by mail to get REAL ID, has to be in person. You can renew online and get another regular one mailed to you but it won’t qualify to fly.

You can’t fly domestically without it, or just use your passport which is what i’m planning to do if I can’t get mine renewed in time.


What is the date for the requirement to show Real ID to kick in for domestic air travel?


October 1, 2020.


thx. guess I better get an appt soon then.


Soon? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

That’s what I thought!
3 months, maybe. :wink:


Ok, run!!!


Thanks but no thanks!

“”“Nonetheless, securing an appointment can require months of waiting, too.”"":laughing:


Your “real” ID is fake. :smile:


So lame…



The DMV head needs to go.


Yup, retiring…


Here you go… chop chop


Why bother getting the fake real id?


Went to DMV today for driver license renewal (and applied for the REAL ID) with appointment. In and out in an hour. Two things:

  1. Renewal fee is now $36 - cash/check/debit card only. This is why you should always carry cash (at least $40).
  2. My friend tried to make an appointment to renew hers upon receipt of the renewal notice in the mail. Lo and behold the earliest appointment is one month AFTER her license is set to expire. Moral of the story: beat the DMV and schedule an appointment before your renewal letter arrives.


Which DMV? Anyone tried scheduling in all nearby DMV’s and see which one has the shortest wait time?


I’m just going to walk in and wait. My license expires on Tuesday.


“Danger” is your middle name?


Are you of the same age as @harriet? Renewal at the same month


After xmas day, we just walked in within 20 minutes after DMV opened without any appointment. They allowed my son to renew as his license expiring with in 30 days.

For me, they said new rules are coming after Jun 2019 and suggested me to come back. They said even if I get real id, I need to come back after jun 2019 once new changes are effective. I did not know what the new rules and they did not tell what it is, but requested them to consider my driver id+real id change.

After few minutes of discussion, they allowed me get real id. Everything went smooth and we both were out of DMV in 20 minutes. That is the benefit of Xmas holidays and non-urban areas.

It is Gilroy, DMV. :joy:

Last week, We have received the real id by mail.