New REAL ID Compliant CA Drivers License Has Fab 7x7 Embedded


An appointment is like 2 months out…



Ok, wifey got out of the Fab 7x7’s DMV yesterday (Friday morning) and completed the process within an hour. Had to text me that she was going shopping for the rest of the day, F work… OMG!!!


She had an appointment though right?


Yes, but it was too smooth of a sailing. Her friend had gone recently and ended up spending a whole day there.



Great…gee, which way would these folks go on Prop 10???


They can already vote in SF


Well, it was supposed to be just the appetizer (school board) not the main entree…


Just made an appointment; there are some Saturday slots available in December, so the lag is not too bad.


That’s still 2 months :frowning:


I thought it’d take 3 months at first.


Let’s go, Bill!!! Chop, chop…


Dang it!
I need to get me one of those Real ID.


Make an appointment!!! I should go too…


LOL…March? :laughing:


I’m not going to get one. I’ll renew for a non-real ID compliant card by mail and stick with my passport for domestic travel.


You can renew online. I renewed online the last two times but have to go in this time because I don’t look like I’m in high school anymore; might as well get the REAL ID while I’m at it. Made an appointment in October for January (license expires in March). Perfecto!


You mean you are getting…hmm…old? :laughing:


Actually I am in better shape now than back in the day, ask my high school buddy :wink: