New York City vs. San Francisco


Hey Terri,

Yes, it is tech not pure Chinese food but have you had the chicken wings at San Tung (here in the Sunset D. of SF)? I threw that at you since hordes of people are there, nightly, to get at those wings. Literally, a gold mine for this restaurant owner. Yelp it. The wings are quite good.


I just Yelp’ed it. Are they greasy? I was at Irving just two days ago!


Holy moly, are you the only person who has never been to the Mecca? Of course they are greasy. If not what is the point? No, they are dry fried wings with a hint of honey and spice. I know a crazy person who drove across the Bay Bridge on a Friday night commute and back just to get several orders of wings. No lie. I believe Tumbler once nominated this place as the #1 Chinese takeout ( I will have look that up again).

If you go, this is what my wifey and I order every time:

Hot & sour soup
Shrimp and leek dumplings
String beans
Dried fried chicken wings

If you don’t like this, I can’t help you.


Ok, @manch,

I bet your lil chinese restaurant in San Ho never ever got to this level: 15 or so people waiting in line inside the restaurant for their take out orders, in addition to the crowd outside waiting to dine inside. God, it was a mess, but for some reason, those crack chicken wings were really extra tasty tonight…


One day I will open my own chicken wing shop and they’ll know what real kick ass chicken wings taste like. These people are fools! Now hand me your money… BWAHAHAHAHA :imp:


Branding is a huge component. Hence the “Fab” and “Ho”.


All I can say is, San Tung = GOLD MINE


Din Tai Fung is another overrated phenomenon. I feel like those people who go crazy about the food there never had real Chinese food.


Sounds like you are a Chinese food purist like me… :smile:


Go West!!!




I miss living in NY. You could argue the Winter and Summer are horrible, but you get used to it.

I have lived in both Greenwich CT, and Port Chester NY. And the rides on the train were fun. I got to meet, rub elbows with multi millionaires with them having a smile on their faces. I used to cut the lawn for this stock trader, all smiles, hi, how are you doing? And invites to have coffee with him in the early morning, remember, I was the caretaker of his house in a weekly basis. By the way, it was 1990-91 and the current rate for a dumb gardener like me was $20/hr cash!

Over here? Any dumb fox thinks he is the king of the animals with a $1M home. None the less the facial expression of hurry, get the F out of my way! And they want to pay $10/hr.

Something is different over there, believe me.

No, I am not going back. :smile:


There was a trend where big cities swallow up the neighboring cities which are now neighborhoods in the big city. I wonder if we’ll see the reverse trend as neighborhoods seek to leave the big cities and their insane financial obligations.


Catalonia is leaving Spain…Time for the Bay Area to leave California? ??


This NYC vs. SF is really ringing true right now:

I swear either someone is smoking weed every morning at 7:40am or there’s a skunk nearby.


No need to be PC, it’s weed or pee… pick one or both


7:40am weed? I thought weed heads tend to sleep late?


You guys can take either SF or NY with you, just don’t get hurt by the door in your way out.

If I have to love the Milpitas dump smell against my will, weed is a welcome plus then. :rofl:


We may very well have a skunk on someone’s property. They are definitely in our area. I can only hope that’s what it is.