New York City vs. San Francisco





Wow, dorm living for adults. No thanks…


Ok, this is impressive…



New York City is run by a whole bunch of blood sucking lawyers and their complicit associates:

Even as a strong believer of a global warming, I think they are nuts!

They should also sue car companies for traffic accidents, sue food company for obesity, and sue themselves for wasting public money.


Everybody sues.
The 5th grader in the white house sued a publisher of the latest bestseller because he didn’t like to be criticized.

That’s the strongest man in the world? Really?

I miss living over there.



Yes, thank you, our real competitor…:slight_smile:


Didn’t the tax reform cause a housing crash in NYC?



When companies start buying RE, you should start to be concerned. Maybe it’s time to sell Goog?


It’s like anything right? It’s what Google does with the place and whether it adds to the bottom line or not.


They have to put employees somewhere.


Goog has office in chelsea. i don’t see this as a big deal. google owns a good chunk of mtv anyway.


Renting could be a good option for companies. Corporations are different than individuals




Wow, the New York Magazine bows down to the Fab 7x7!!!


Soon, we will have the greatest basketball team here too, Batches!!! Go Dubs!!!