Next 10x Stock Winner


Munger didn’t buy any of these. He bought Shanghai Airport instead. 600009.SH. I also have that one.


Buy some Xiaomi too.


10x benefits from trade war.



Making money in stocks is that easy :slight_smile: Bot yesterday is already up 4-8%.


SOGO is a dog. HUYA much better.


Went up so much yesterday still going up, damn.


what’s huya?


Twitch of China.


Bit the bullet and bought some HUYA. I am behaving like manch. Let the market tells me and what the market is telling me is to buy China and web 2.0 (cloud, video streaming, AI, e-commerce) stocks. China stocks have been correcting for sometime, so is ok to buy :slight_smile:


I don’t have any HUYA at the moment. You are on your own. :wink:


I have been misled :rage: Bought only 30. My plan is to invest quite a bit in those 4 up and coming stocks. Although I want to use margin, yet to do so :slight_smile: yes I have that much cash… j/k. Current 10x portfolio only up 3% (no calls that is why so low) and is lower than yesterday’s purchase (also no calls). Don’t want to long calls… may be when I got my mojo back.


Told you I was shaken out of my positions last week or so. Ditto for BILI. I do have IQ though.


If they are good long term, why got shake out? Too much margin? I have yet to use margin, so can blindly buy.


Yes, because of margin. Also my conviction for HUYA is nowhere near FB and BABA for example. I bought them in down market but won’t do for HUYA. Not yet.


FB and BABA would take ages to double, these stocks double easily, may be 100x :slight_smile:


I think both FB and BABA can double in 3 years.


So long, thought you want triple in one year?


Today, SOGO is better.42%20AM


Triple in one year with margin.


Yeah, China innovates. That’s why all their new companies are known as the American company name of China. Meanwhile, they impost barriers against the US companies competing in China. Sounds like free trade for sure.