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I still need someone to explain why TEVA is a buy, other than that WB bought some.


Manch missed nflx with similar words.


And IBM.


Two mistakes that WB made which I laughed at is COP (I sold to him) and IBM (idiot buy me). He strayed from his forte of investing in consumer staples and easily understood business. Apple business is fairly easy to understand and have many characteristics of consumer staples.


WB also bought STOR REIT. How come nobody follows him?


I also didn’t buy KO and AMEX.


But you bought TEVA. That’s my question. Why this but not the others? There needs to be a bullcase other than WB.


$24k no need bull case, just do like you, buy first and let the market tells you whether to buy more or sell :slight_smile: holdings. Do first find out later.


That’s different from what I do. I usually only let the market tell me the timing, not the fundamentals. But I suppose WB already did some screening for you.


I like to do this too:

Vandeventer’s Tocqueville Opportunity Fund owns a lot of names — about a hundred of them. Most outperforming fund managers I talk with beat their benchmarks with concentrated portfolios. There’s a simple explanation for his broad ownership, and it’s not just diversification: “I like to keep names on the radar screen. There are so many names you have to follow, if they are not on your radar screen, they are off your radar screen.

A lot of crowd favorites:

A lot of Vandeventer’s favorite concept companies are in tech. They offer cloud-based services, which help other companies manage work flow, analyze and store data, move their businesses online, and otherwise “digitize” their businesses. Large tech holdings in this bucket include ServiceNow (NOW) Nutanix (NTNX) Workday (WDAY) (SHOP) New Relic (NEWR) and Nvidia (NVDA) his largest holding. “These are companies that are doing extraordinarily well. They are in the mainstream of the digital transformation, which is not a cyclical trend,” says Vandeventer.


What these guys do is select the crowd favorites and then put a story around them, make it sound like they have a theme first then select stocks. Essentially BSing.


Say I bought all the F10s and Cow Kings. My story can be a portfolio based on SaaS… how they fit in is up to me to BS. Or I can say is based on exploitation of big data/ML, is up to me to BS how they fit in.

Read his article. He used concept instead of theme. His view, “I continue to believe the greatest opportunities are in software and innovative health care,” he says… very common. Thought you know too.


We are very well read. Very hard to find completely novel ideas. :smile:


You understood 100% right ! This is what every blogger do and get paid for doing it.



Trade war doesn’t matter.




Lazy to search this thread. Did you own any of the following:

Did the market identify any above as buy n hold candidates?


I have IQ. “Netflix of China”.

I once had HUYA and BILI but got shaken out. Will buy into them again end of July. They are like Twitch.


Should You Buy These 3 Red-Hot Chinese Stocks?

Charlie Munger, Buffett’s right-hand man, said too many American investors were simply ignoring the opportunities in China.

I decided to follow WB’s right hand man, bought into IQ (Netflix of China), BIBI and SOGO (search engine). Didn’t buy HUYA (Twitch of China).