Next 10x Stock Winner


VEEV is way up from where it opened. That’s crazy. This morning I rolled my Jan options to a higher strike price. I did the same with TWLO.


Splunk +15%. Veeva +12%. :exploding_head:


You have been told about 1 years ago :grinning:


That’s fine. I like and understand Twilio better.


Splk and irbt jump to new ATH :rofl:


So did amazon and Apple.


10x thread, context my friend. SQ and VEEV are doing very well too. IRBT is spectacular in Aug, from $76 to nearly $120.




I think it may be better to leverage on big caps than betting tiny amounts on smaller caps. 10x on 20k doesn’t really move the needle for anyone. Not to mention the tremendous ups and downs along the way. But if you 2x on 1M worth of FB you will feel it. Better still you can keep leveraging on the way up that 2x curve and you’ll end up 10x on 1M.


Focus. This thread is about stocks that could 10x not about 10x your capital😀 we need another thread for that.


Buying ecovacs?


Here’s a new one nobody has talked about AFAIK: Align, the San Jose company behind Invisalign.

2 year chart. Blows everyone out of water.


ALGN is in the original list posted by @marcus335. I bought it after he posted the list.


Which list? Not in the OP list.


My bad. It wasn’t in the original list. An anonymous guy with codename “hanera” posted ALGN in the 12th post of this thread. :rofl:


Out of the three, didn’t own the right one.


Which one did you end up owning? I bought ALGN too late, but it was still a decent run.


I was surprised that a) Align has a market cap of over 30B, and b) it’s based right here in San Jose. We let that sneaked past right in front of our eyes! :cry:


Do you have 2M FB and 10M portfolio?


Getting there. Give me a year.