Next 10x Stock Winner




You are scaring Wu QiJun, passing his net worth so soon?


Well, at least I have time on my side… :rofl:


Well, 10M portfolio != 10M net worth. For that give me 2 years. :smile:


10M portfolio == ? net worth


@harriet taught me not to paint the guts inside when you paint a picture. Need to leave something to the imagination. :smile:


She’s nonsensical. Don’t listen to her!!! :rofl:


I just flagged your post :angry:


Wait… that post doesn’t warrant a flag… :rofl:


MU is growing


Very good long term prospect, is why I dump so much doughs in it. If it weakens below $40, would go aggressively in long calls. Otherwise just sit patiently for it to liven up :slight_smile:


People did not look at after market of CRM ! It was way down with good/exceptional results!

The pull back today is temporary and will not long last, read the link details

CRM Profit Margin is way increased and that reduces P/E…


ntnx earnings today. time to get out of options, to not repeat the FB mistake.


Phew. Good call. I mean… bad call that had to go :slight_smile:


Down 8% AH! :scream:


that’s like what, price 7 days ago? :slight_smile:
the thing is it was about to break its pattern/channel since last week due to earnings. I will wait couple more days then buy new calls.


Price in Mar :smirk:


back to 4%


good stable price then. i will load soon.

back to 1%. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. oh well :slight_smile:


ZUO is down 7%