Next 10x Stock Winner


Your min is 2 x my max. Look like I need to re-visit my thinking :wink:


Yes, need to double up because we’re not in 2012 anymore…


It varies person to person ! Warren Buffet, it is 2B !!


Not 2B!!! Some small caps have less than 2B market cap!!! :rofl:


Soon Snap will be a small cap. Keep an eye on that one.


My cousin lost his shirt buying SNAP.

I lost my shirt buying TWTR.

Culprit: FB.


12 most powerful hyperconverged infrastructure vendors

Big news are involved: CSCO, HPE and EMC.

Btw, sound sophisticated, conceptually is a middleware encapsulating the servers, storage systems and networks.

Grab 100 shares to incentivize myself to delve further.



Yep, I buy so much stuff at HD, I should have their stock 30 years ago


I presume you didn’t read the thread and just jump in anyhow.


Well, I am trying hard to not introduce or reintroduce old threads when the subject is for the most part related. It is not like no one ever goes off on a tangent in a thread…

Happy Friday!!!


This article says Splunk has great products but is lousy investment because of excessive stock-based compensation. Bought only 40 shares, would continue to monitor. So far UBNT is the most investor-friendly.


Is anybody familiar with what Splunk does? I’ve been intrigued by what they actually offer and what market they are in. Do they provide algorithm to analyze the data or just collect the data? I always thought they’re in the same league as ArcSight. But Splunk stock is certainly doing much better.


Vault QualityOne is simply the first entry point for selling outside life sciences.

Its S-1 filing with the SEC at the time of its IPO in 2013 revealed an agreement with Salesforce that restricted sales of its solutions to drugmakers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries unless Salesforce granted explicit permission to do otherwise. That agreement expired in September 2015, and in early 2016 the company began dropping hints that it was looking into opportunities in other vertical markets with a small, dedicated team.

Added 25 shares yesterday when Mr Market has stomachache. No matter how you see it, is a little overvalued, however, rather have a foot in than out. Total holding = 100 shares.


Market cap of NTNX is $3.3B, since it is a virtualization software, we can assess its potential size comparing with VMW which is about $38B. So if done well can get 10x :slight_smile: What is the chance of success competing with big boys like CSCO, DELL/ EMC and HPE?

Growing HCI platforms takes patience, time and money


I honestly think they’ll get bought out before then. Acquisition premium would be big though.


After much reading, comfortable to double my stake in UBNT, VEEV and NTNX if market softens in Sep/ Oct. Hard to believe market won’t behave typically :grinning:


Mr.Market is always unpredictable, If we can predict Mr.Market, then we will be Billionaires !

This is your guess work “Market cap of NTNX is $3.3B, since it is a virtualization software, we can assess its potential size comparing with VMW which is about $38B”

Why NTNX? When market is peak and crazy, buy profitable companies like AAPL.


We are not on the same page.


[quote=“Jil, post:280, topic:2789”]
[/quote]Top 5 stocks held by Firsthand Technology Value Fund
Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc., SVVC, a publicly traded venture capital fund that invests in technology and cleantech companies, disclosed today that its top five holdings as of May 31, 2017, were IntraOp Medical, Pivotal Systems, QMAT, Wrightspeed, and Nutanix.

My theme is big data, cloud computing, IoT, AI, e-commerce and voice which is narrower than SVVC’s. Only NTNX fits my theme. $ allocated is much less than SVVC’s $147 million.
UBNT - IoT, networking, Wi-Fi, Enterprise >> Consumer
VEEV - cloud computing, CRM >> ERP
NTNX - big data, HCI >> Enterprise Cloud Platform
SPLK - big data, data analytics
IRBT - AI, robotics, cleaning >> connected robots
SHOP - e-commerce
PANW - IoT, cybersecurity
CRUS - voice, ICs, smart phones >> IoTs

[quote=“Jil, post:280, topic:2789”]
This is your guess work “Market cap of NTNX is $3.3B, since it is a virtualization software, we can assess its potential size comparing with VMW which is about $38B”
[/quote]Best guess with limited data. Guess doesn’t need to be accurate, refine as more data is gathered.