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NVDA’s rise was due to GPU’s application in data intensive applications such as AI. AMD also had good graphics chip. But AMD historically can’t keep its good times for long

Intel might be too old to develop a good GPU now


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[/quote]Top 5 stocks held by Firsthand Technology Value Fund
Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc., SVVC, a publicly traded venture capital fund that invests in technology and cleantech companies, disclosed today that its top five holdings as of May 31, 2017, were IntraOp Medical, Pivotal Systems, QMAT, Wrightspeed, and Nutanix.

My theme is big data, cloud computing, IoT, AI, e-commerce and voice which is narrower than SVVC’s. Only NTNX fits my theme. $ allocated is much less than SVVC’s $147 million.
UBNT - IoT, networking, Wi-Fi, Enterprise >> Consumer
VEEV - cloud computing, CRM >> ERP
NTNX - big data, HCI >> Enterprise Cloud Platform
SPLK - big data, data analytics
IRBT - AI, robotics, cleaning >> connected robots
SHOP - e-commerce
PANW - IoT, cybersecurity
CRUS - voice, ICs, smart phones >> IoTs

This is my guess work/opinion:

The stocks are at near peak or already in peak zone. In next few years, the FED rate stays same or going to increase (or very unlikely reduced). With this, Consumer spending economic pressure will increase and companies will have tough time to maintain profit. In such case, already loss making companies continue to make loss unless there is a clear visibility/strength on their financials (Ex: TSLA and SHOP are likely to get rid of their loss as they floated bonds, equity sales to remove the loan).

If we do not have such visibility on their financial recovery, it is risky to invest in those companies.

When worst comes, the loss making companies are immediate irrecoverable hit than profit making companies.

I may be right or wrong, review yourself better.


You think I would go bust when these investments go sour?
100 shares of NTNX = $2000.
Double = $4000 = annual dividends of 1,600 AAPLs.


Buffet bought SYF and STOR as per 13F


So WB also believe in buying newly listed stock? And REIT too? STOR is very diversified. And he still believe in physical stores! Is this a trial balloon investment or moving in a new direction? Nevertheless, he seems to be moving in to all kinds of investment relating to RE.


Both SYF and STOR, he would taken appx 30% down or 25% down from peak ! He has divested airlines stocks (so soon) except LUV !


Nutanix is an once-in-a-decade opportunity

Nutanix Revisited: Ripe for Comeback



Nutanix has registered an amended S-1 form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding its initial public offering (IPO). The company intends to list its stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol NTNX.

The underwriters for the offering are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, RBC Capital Markets, Baird, Needham, Oppenheimer, Pacific Crest, Piper Jaffray, Raymond James, Stifel and William Blair.


Better to follow big man “Both SYF and STOR”, we will at least get 15% ROI immediately in 6 months (very likely) !

“Synchrony Financial: SYF, the November 2015 spin-off from General Electric (NYSE:GE), is a large (top three) ~10% stake established in Q3 2016 at prices between $25 and $28.50. Q4 2016 saw a ~18% increase at prices between $26 and $37. There was a ~15% selling last quarter at prices between $32.50 and $38. This quarter saw a two-thirds increase at prices between $26.50 and $34.50. The stock currently trades at $29.20. For investors attempting to follow Klarman, SYF is a good option to consider for further research.”


NTNX is already IPO for almost a year. So what is the point about S-1?


This IPO went almost last year and these two people are main underwriters.

Look at this, Both Morgan Stanley and GS are Upgrading it. They are trying to sell outsiders that company is one of the best. They need this stock value to go up so that they make (UW) profit ! It may be a potential TRAP for investors.

Company has 680M sales with loss of 417M !

With such state, I would not blindly believe these two upgrades unless I really see some clear recovery plan.

Aug 31st is next qtr results, but definitely company will make loss and every one will likely say “beat the market as loss is better than expected”.

I am not voting against NTNX, but do not like to blindly believe these two big company upgrades. I did not do any background research whether NTNX is really good or bad, but skimming through the results, I feel not worth deep diving.

When I have plenty of profit making companies, such as DPZ or EVOL, Or Big Brother Buffet bought SYF & STOR (and still 20% down the peak) why should I bother looking at NTNX?

SYF, both Seth Klarmann and Warren Buffet Bought it. I just follow them ,bought few today, fine to have 2% dividend and 18% down from peak, with PM 14%


HD tumbles 2.63% today

Issue oversubscribed so underwriters didn’t hold any shares. What is the incentive for them to pump?


Really? Cause? Buying opportunity???


Issue oversubscribed so underwriters didn’t hold any shares. What is the incentive for them to pump?

I do not believe UWs and their Analysts when it comes to investment. Dig, dig and dig to find out truth behind the writings so that you have 10x at the end.

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HD tumbles 2.63% today

Yes, bought HD today at $149.

COH went down 15%, Bought COH also at $40.75, potential chance this may further go down, I may also grab some more.

Bought SYF at 30.56 and STOR at 23.85 – all are small quantity. Credit Goes to Buffet and Seth !


wuqijun won’t approve this approach. Few but buy a lot!
buy a little of everything, might as well buy index fund.


Hmmm ! :laughing:

Most of my money in OHI, CCP, BA, LMT, AAPL, QCOM, GILD…dividend stocks. I moved to dividend payers, no more selling/buying, just hold for dividends. As soon as I get some dividend money I buy it !

I do not have big money to play now.

I am not interested in buying index fund as I choose the stock, when it is down attractive like HD or COH or SYF, to buy it.

Still I have less than 20 stocks !

BTW: Small I mean appx $5000 equivalent, not at wuqijun’s 50k or 100k level.

Dividend Stocks

If I’m you, just focus on your original 7 i.e. buy QCOM when got money :grinning: since it is down. Ok, notice all three are component stocks of S&P. Guess is ok. May be I should buy COH too, my wife bought a lot of coach bags. COH closed exactly at 200 day SMA. Realize COH bought Kate Spade.


I do not compete with S&P or NASDAQ. The more I dig on companies, better I am. Trying to know opportunities.

I want to learn how to invest for Maximum gain & Minimize taxes (qualified dividends).


NEW YORK (AP) _ Coach Inc. (COH) on Tuesday reported fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $151.7 million.

On a per-share basis, the New York-based company said it had profit of 53 cents. Earnings, adjusted for non-recurring gains, came to 50 cents per share.

The results exceeded Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of 14 analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of 49 cents per share.

The luxury handbag maker posted revenue of $1.13 billion in the period, which fell short of Street forecasts. Eight analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $1.15 billion.

For the year, the company reported profit of $591 million, or $2.09 per share. Revenue was reported as $4.49 billion.

Coach shares have risen 37 percent since the beginning of the year, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 index has risen 10 percent. The stock has risen 22 percent in the last 12 months.


I avoid fashion stocks especially teen retailers. The trends seasonally and with little rhyme or reason. With tech, you can clearly see processor A is x% better performing than processor B. With fashion, who knows how people decide bag A is trendy this season vs. bag B.